State Records Committee Appeal Decision Summaries, 2004-2006

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Case Number Case Title/Participants Records Sought Ruling
04-01 Jeremy Beckham vs.
University of Utah
All approved protocols for all approved research currently utilizing baboons or macaques Appeal partly granted
04-02 Brian K. Stack vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Offender Management Review Committee results regarding prisoners referred to OMR for communicating with women prisoners Appeal denied
04-03 William Jacob vs.
American Fork City
Records of any investigation conducted by the mayor or city council concerning the qualifications of any candidate for office Appeal denied
04-04 Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and the Wilderness Society vs.
Utah State Attorney General
Records concerning potential applications for recordable disclaimers of interest for Utah roads, specifically R.S. 2477 rights of way Appeal partially granted
04-05 Paul Payne vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Employee list/personel roster Appeal denied
04-06 Victor Orvis vs.
Pleasant Grove City
All lists created by [Pleasant Grove] City personnel involving all businesses or persons who were mailed or otherwise received [Carol Emery's July 19, 2001] letter regarding business license enforcement Appeal partly granted
04-07 Larry Vernon vs.
Coalville City
The taped recording parts of Coalville City Council Meetings referred to in the available minutes of City Coucil Executive Session meetings. Appeal denied
04-08 Lisa Olsen vs. Utah Department of Human Services Qualitative Case Review on Jesse Olsen Appeal denied
04-09 Jeremy Beckham vs. University of Utah A fee waiver for the fees associated with producing all approved protocols for all research currently utilizing baboons and/or macaques. Appeal denied
04-10 Steven Onysko vs. University of Utah Final Grade Report for MG EN 499, Fall Quarter 1995. Appeal denied
04-11 Haik vs. Town of Alta The Town of Alta to permit inspection during normal business hours and require the Town of Alta to timely respond to pending records requests. Appeal partly granted
04-12 LaPlante/Canham (Salt Lake Tribune) vs. Sandy City The names of all current Sandy City fire and police employees. Appeal granted
04-13 Collier Hoffman vs. Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Any investigations/complaint information regarding Jo-Anne Collier Hoffman. Appeal dismissed
04-14 Poll vs. South Weber City Access to draft minutes of the August 26, 2004 South Weber City Planning Commission meeting. Appeal Denied
04-15 Haik vs. Town of Alta (noncompliance) Sanctions for the Town's noncompliance with the Order and Decision dated September 21, 2004. Appeal granted
04-16 LaPlante (Salt Lake Tribune) vs. Salt Lake City Police Department All initial reports from a 'missing person' case inolving Lori Kay Hacking, filed on or about July 19, 2004" and "all initial reports involving suspect, victim or involved person Mark Douglas Hacking. Appeal Denied
04-17 Steed vs. Duchesne County Access to various documents he believes are in Duchesne County's possession. Appeal granted
05-01 Ostler vs. State of Utah, Departments of Public Safety, Commerce, Human Resource Management, Human Services, Attorney General's Office, Labor Commission, and Salt Lake Community College Access to various documents referencing his name that he believes are in the custody of the various agencies of the State of Utah. Appeal Denied
05-02 Salt Lake City Corporation vs. Salt Lake Mayor's Records Appeals Board Salt Lake City Corporation appeals the decision of the Salt Lake City Mayor's Records Appeals Board granting access to certain records requested by Neal K. Ostler. Appeal partly granted
05-03 LaPlante/Canham (Salt Lake Tribune) vs. Sandy City Records pertaining to overtime and bonuses paid to Sandy City's police and fire department personnel. Appeal granted
05-04 Schwarz vs. University of Utah Any records on Barbara Schwarz or Schwartz, Mark C. Rathbun, Mark de Rothschild, Scientology, Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, and Dwight David Eisenhower. Appeal Denied
05-05 Wells vs. Pleasant Grove City Various records which relate to a citation received for allegedly electioneering within 150 feet of a polling place. Appeal Denied
05-06 Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance vs. Automated Geographic Reference Center Records concerning [certain] roads/routes located in Emery County.

Appeal Denied

Ruling reversed by Utah Supreme Court case
2008 UT 88

05-07 Whitney vs. Department of Corrections Access to grievances that inmates filed against him in November 2004 and the "level 1, level 2, level 3 responses" to the grievance. Appeal Denied
05-08 Schwaar vs. Department of Corrections A copy of his diagnostic report. Appeal denied
05-09 Payne vs. Department of Corrections A copy of the Uinta 1 Inmate Roster for the date of 8-4-05. Appeal denied
06-01 Tribune vs. Governor's Office The names of companies promised monetary incentives by the State of Utah, as well as e-mail correspondence between the GOED employees, GOED board members and company officials relating to these specific incentive awards. Appeal partly granted

Williams vs.
Board of Pardons and Parole

Certain pages of a Board of Pardons document entitled "Hearing Worksheet" which contains various details about his personal history and sentence being served at the Utah State Prison Appeal partly granted
06-03 Spectrum vs. Washington City All lawyers fees that were and are associated with the Cloud Moving and Storage vs. Washington City lawsuit. Appeal Granted
06-04 Treff vs. Utah Tax Commission A copy of the 2004 and 2005 state tax returns filed by Mormons for Equality and Social Justice. Appeal Denied 
06-05  Salt Lake Tribune vs. Salt Lake Police Dept. Civilian Review Board
Personnel performance evaluations and disciplinary actions Appeal Partially Granted 
06-06  Monique Crowley vs. Sandy City
Records regarding personnel matters, and dismissal action against Monique Crowley  Appeal Denied 
06-07 Deborah Langdon vs. Utah Dept. of Human Services
Fatality review reports Appeal Granted
06-08 Joycelyn Straight vs. Lieutenant Governor's Office
Records of Utah voter registrations, and a fee waiver for those records  Appeal Partially Granted 
06-09 Bruce Funk vs. Emery County
Records of executive sessions held by the Emery County Commission  Appeal Denied 
06-10 Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance vs Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining Fee waiver for records Appeal Denied 
06-11 William H. Doutis, Jr. vs. Dept. of Corrections
Records associated with his correctional history held by the Dept. of Corrections, plus a waiver of fees. Appeal Denied 
06-12 Karl Dee Kay vs. Dept. of CorrectionsPolygraph, "C" notes, and treatment notesAppeal Denied

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