State Records Committee Appeal Decision Summaries, 2001-2003

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Case Number Case Title/Participants Records Sought Ruling
01-01 Gordon Thomas vs. Utah Dept. of Corrections List of sex offenders currently housed in the prison Appeal dismissed
01-02 Associated Press vs. Utah Attorney General's Office Information gathered by the Attorney General during an investigation of the bidding for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Appeal granted
01-03 Adrian Hickey vs. Utah Dept. of Corrections Petitioner's strip cell logs and recreation out-of-cell-time logs; and also copies of twenty-four (24) Utah Department of Corrections contracts Appeal denied
01-04 Michael John Bixby vs. Dept. of Admin. Service-Division of Risk Management All reports, accident reports, letters, memorandum, and other documents produced or maintained by the Utah Department of Corrections regarding the automobile accident of a prisoner transport van Appeal denied
01-05 Barbara Schwarz vs. Dept. of Human Services-Division of Mental Health All records pertaining to petitioner Appeal granted
01-06 U.S. Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform vs. Utah Attorney General's Office Documents pertaining to the selection of outside counsel to represent the State of Utah in tobacco litigation

Appeal granted

01-07 Colorado Legal Services vs. Utah Dept. of Agriculture Fee waiver Appeal denied
01-08 Mary Jean Meats vs. Logan City Copy of a dog license petitioner issued while a city employee; documentation regarding a complaint she made against Amber Anderson for allegedly accessing "a secured police building through the security rear entrance door"; copies of "all investigations rendered on me"; copies of all documents related to a sexual harassment complaint made against her supervisor, including notes of Mark Sorensen, City Attorney; a "complete copy of the Garrity rules and regulations"; and a copy of notes taken by Sgt. Eric Collins "that were made when he was a witness when [Mrs. Meats] filed with Lt. Earl a request for religious accommodation Appeal partially granted
01-09 William Jacob vs. American Fork City Records pertaining to commissions paid to Tom Hunter and/or Hunter & Associates by third parties and any documentation of services rendered by Mr. Hunter and/or his firm "to every City department on every Wednesday of each week" Appeal denied
01-10 Packaging Corp. of America vs. Utah Labor Commission copy of an OSHA complaint file, number 201550514 Appeal granted
01-11 William Jacob vs. American Fork City Records pertaining to American Fork City's August 1997 request for proposals (RFP) for employee benefit consulting services Appeal granted
02-01 Brent Poll vs. South Weber City Minutes from a closed meeting

Appeal denied

02-02 Robert Rice vs. Utah Dept. of Corrections Prison policies and procedures concerning inmate and visitor management and security, including searches and involuntary medical treatment Appeal denied
02-03 Michael T. McCoy vs. Utah Attorney General's Office Copies of the contract or contracts between the State of Utah and/or the Utah Attorney General's Office and the law firm of Ray, Quinney & Nebeker in which the law firm agrees to provide legal representation in the cases styled Utah Education Association et al, vs. Michael Leavitt, et al Appeal granted
02-04 Harold Sersland vs. Dept. of Natural Resources-Div. of Wildlife Resources Data on "guzzler" locations in the Dugway and Thomas mountain ranges of Tooele and Juab counties

Appeal denied

02-05 Disability Law Center vs. Utah Transit Authority Records concerning wheelchairs and scooters using respondent's paratransit service Appeal granted
02-06 Mr. Pooper Scooper, Inc. vs. Murray and Sandy City Home addresses of licensed dog owners Appeal denied
02-07 Brent Poll vs. South Weber City Legal opinions of South Weber City's attorney concerning a proposal regarding 1375 East and the City's decision regarding that proposal Appeal denied
02-08 Adrian Hickey vs. Dept of Corrections Photographs which were taken of petitioner's tattoos while housed in the prison's Uinta II facility Appeal denied
02-09 Albert Cramer vs. Murray City Child witness interview transcripts, police department policies and other documents petitioner believes pertained to his criminal cases Appeal denied
02-10 Mark Powell vs. Lehi City Visual and/or audio records of petitioner's visit to the Lehi library 23 Aug 02, including interactions with staff Appeal denied
03-01 Darren C. Bluemel vs. Dept. of Public Safety Petitioner's DNA profile maintained by the Department of Public Safety Appeal granted
03-02 Douglas D. Jones vs. Dept. of Human Services, Office of Recovery Services All communications between O.R.S. and their legal counsel; all records that show ownership of property, business, stocks, bonds or title to any thing with a monetary value; and all protected and non-protected government information in petitioner's file Appeal denied
03-03 Kevin Tolton vs. Town of Alta Various records petitioner maintains are in the Town of Alta's possession Appeal partially granted
03-04 Inner City Press, Community on the Move & Fair Finance Watch vs. Utah Attorney General Records related to the recent settlement with Household International, Inc. Appeal denied
03-05 Brent Poll vs. South Weber City Records relating to a city council presentation from U.S. Development concerning a potential land transaction involving the city and that company Appeal granted
03-06 Sean Timothy Hughes vs. Utah Dept. of Corrections Audio tapes made during nine disciplinary hearings Appeal granted
03-07 Kevin Tolton vs. Town of Alta Various documents petitioner maintains are, or should be, in the Town of Alta's possession Appeal partly granted
03-08 Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Utah Board of Pardons and Parole Documents used by the Board of Pardons and Parole (the "Board") in petitioner's recent re-determination hearing Appeal denied
03-09 Robin C. Boon vs. Utah Transit Authority Handwritten notes of Lorin Simpson and "other documents prepared by Lorin Simpson and Nancy Malecker" concerning appellant's 2002 performance review Appeal granted
03-10 Frank Medel, Jr. vs.
Utah Dept. of Public Safety
All written reports generated by the Utah State Crime Lab in the analysis of physical evidence of specific incidents Appeal denied
03-11 Jeff Iverson vs.
West Bountiful City
Payroll information about the city manager. Appeal partly granted

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