State Records Committee Appeal Summaries, 1995-1997

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Case Number Case Title/Participants Records Sought Ruling
95-01 Clifton W. Panos vs.
Utah State Tax Commission
Filings in the case before Appellant Commission, identified as Appeal # 94-1317, World-Wide Men's Missionary Fellowship, petitioner -- Salt Lake County Board of Equalization, respondent Appeal granted
95-02 L. Chris Carter vs.
University of Utah
Patient schedules, patient care plans and hemo dialysis flow sheets Appeal granted with limitations
95-03 Walter E. Brantzeg vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Psychological Results from Personality Inventories, and I.Q. tests given by the Prison or Medical/Psychology department Appeal denied
95-04 Stephen E. Hughes vs.
Utah Division of Investigation
All records relating to Appellant Appeal denied
95-05 Lance T. Wilkerson vs.
Auditing Division,
Utah State Tax Commission
Manuals, policy statements and other materials on the conduct of audits in general and not as to any specific audit Appeal partially granted
95-06 Herald Journal vs.
Utah State University
Copies of contracts Appellee has with Larry Eustachy and John L. Smith Appeal granted
95-07 A-1 Disposal vs.
Davis County Solid Waste Management and Energy Recovery Special Service District
Records regarding haulers of waste Appeal granted
95-08 Dolores Ruvalcaba vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Medical and prison records of Edward Lujan Appeal granted
95-09 Salt Lake Tribune vs.
Utah Division of Risk Management
Documents pertaining to the claims reflected on [an] attached list ... including but not limited to, claim forms or any other paperwork filed pertaining to the claims, and any and all settlement documents Appeal denied
95-10 Kim and Nancy Julian, Philip and Ram Roundy vs.
University of Utah Medical Center and Intermountain Tissue Center
Policies relating to the production of documents pursuant to GRAMA; records of treatment and care provided for Spencer Roundy and Kevin Julian; and information regarding pericardial implants and tissues Appeal granted
96-01 Paul Harris vs.
Div. of Occupational and Professional Licensing,
Utah Dept. of Commerce
Three complaints, including names signatures, addresses and phone numbers Appeal denied
96-02 Robert O. Strange vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Information related to a background investigation of Petitioner Appeal denied
96-03 Michael Brian Whiteman vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Copy of the IR1 form that is in the petitioner's file regarding a certain disciplinary matter Appeal denied
96-04 Walter J. Thomas vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
Medical and psychological records pertaining to Petitioner Appeal denied
97-01 Gregory M. Bedard vs.
Utah Dept. of Corrections
All policies in the A and F manuals of Policies and Procedures of Respondent Appeal granted with conditions
97-02 Society of Professional Journalists vs.
Utah State Board of Regents
Records containing personally-identifiable information related to the University of Utah presidential search applicants or nominees Appeal denied
97-03 Joseph W. O'Keefe vs.
Utah State Retirement Systems
Records related to the base number of work hours per week for firefighters for purposes of the State Retirement System and related to lobbying on behalf on the Retirement Systems Appeal denied

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