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Parowan (Utah) City Council minutes

Dates: 1887-

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

These minutes document all regular and special meetings of the Parowan city council. The council is the chief governing and legislative body of the municipality and consists of the mayor and council members (Utah Legislature. Acts, Resolutions, and Memorials, 1870, Ch. 11; UCA, 1953, 10-6-3, 10-6-5). The minutes reflect the activities of the council in the performance of its various duties. The council is responsible for managing all aspects of city government including conducting elections, creating municipal offices and departments, appointing public officials, setting salaries, and controlling city finances. The council regulates the activities of its inhabitants, resident businesses and organizations, and provides and maintains a variety of public services for the community. The regulation of domestic animals, liquor sales, traffic, and other domestic, commercial, and professional activities constitutes a large portion of the council's documented functions, as does the maintenance of public health, management of the community's natural resources, and the administration of various public utilities such as electrical, telephone, water, gas, and sewer systems. In 1907, Parowan built a hydro-electrical generating plant on Center Creek in nearby Parowan Canyon and since that time the city has been an operator and persistent advocate of publicly-owned electrical power systems. Parowan has been a prominent member of several public power cooperatives including the Intermountain Consumer Power Association, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (2215), and the Intermountain Power Association (2073). Besides minutes, this series also includes correspondence, resolutions, and ordinances inserted within and between the minutes at various points. After 1989 a number of related records accompany the minutes in addition to those mentioned above including agendas, agreements, public notices, and a miscellany of records relevant to specific projects such as maps, proposals, reports, and advertisements.

Notable events documented in the minutes include a political crisis in the city's highest public offices engendered by the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1917-1918; a 1981 conflict between the city and a Paiute tribe over the transfer of some forest lands in Parowan Canyon to that tribe; and the preservation and development of the Parowan Gap in 1993, an archaeological site west of the city, in which the Parowan city council played a prominent role.


Minutes are arranged chronologically by date of meetings as originally recorded. Initial collective arrangement is roughly by calendar year in accordance with the council's schedule of business. The council adopted a fiscal calendar in the early 1970s. After 1989, the minutes are collected annually into separate binders according to a fiscal calendar. At this time, the agendas, minutes, resolutions, ordinances, agreements, and public notices accompanying the minutes are collected into separate sections within the individual annual binders. The third city council minutes collection on reel 4, 1988, July-June 1990 (Two-year binder), duplicates the minutes between July 1988-Jan 1989 contained in the previous minute book with some documents out of chronological order.

Related Records

Revised ordinances from Parowan (Utah), Series 23625, contain the revised, published ordinances for Parowan.

Ordinances from Parowan (Utah), Series 84925, contain the ordinances as originally passed and amended by the Parowan city council.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

The Parowan city council minutes were microfilmed at Southern Utah University under the direction of Utah State Archives in November of 2001 and were processed by Michael Church in September 2002. In processing, two duplicate microfilm reels recording the minutes from 1887-1901 and 1901-1925 were deaccessioned.

Finding Aids

Indexes: The 1946 minutes are followed by a subject index for that year. Indexes of identical arrangement precede the minutes in "Minute Book 1" (1/1947-1/1965), "Minute Book 2" (1/1965-2/1977), and "Minute Book 3" (1/1980-1/1989), covering from 01/01/1946 thru 07/01/1980.

Indexing Terms

  • Municipal government—Utah—Parowan.
  • Budget—Utah—Parowan.
  • Tax collection—Utah—Parowan.
  • City planning—Utah—Parowan.
  • Licenses—Utah—Parowan.
  • Public utilities—Utah—Parowan.
  • Parowan (Utah)—Politics and government.
  • Parowan (Utah)—Appropriations and expenditures.
  • Parowan (Utah)—Officials and employees.

Container List

1 1887, April-Nov 1892 (Book B)
1 1892, Dec-Nov 1895 (Book C)
1 1895, Dec-Sept 1898 (Book D)
2 1898, Oct-Jan 1901 (Book D continued)
2 1901, Feb-Feb 1913 (Book E)
2 1913, Feb-Nov 1916 (Untitled book)
2 1916, Dec-Aug 1921 (Untitled book)
2 1921, Sept-July 1925 (Untitled book)
2 1925, Aug-July 1935 (Untitled book)
3 1935, Aug-Dec 1946 (Book II); Index follows for 1946 only.
3 1947, Jan-Jan 1965 (Minute Book 1); Index begins.
3 1965, Jan-Feb 1977 (Minute Book 2); Index begins.
4 1977, March-Dec 1979 (Minute Book 2 continued)
4 1980, Jan-Jan 1989 (Minute Book 3); Index begins.
4 1988, July-June 1990 (Two-year binder)
4 1989, Feb-July 1990 (Annual binder)
5 1990, July-June 1992 (Annual binder)
5 1992, July-June 1993 (Annual binder)
5 1993, July-June 1994 (Annual binder)
5 1994, July-June 1995 (Annual binder)
6 continues 1994-1995 annual binder
6 1995, July-June 1996 (Annual binder)
6 1996, July-June 1997 (Annual binder)
6 1997, July-June 1998 (Annual binder)
7 continues 1997-1998 annual binder
7 1998, July-June 1999 (Annual binder)
7 1999, July-June 2000 (Annual binder)
7 2000, July-June 2001 (Annual binder)
8 continues 2000-2001 annual binder

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