Series 81537
Office of Personnel Management Employee personnel history cards

Dates: i 1910-1981.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

These are the cumulative personnel history cards for each person who has worked for the State of Utah from 1910-1979. The cards document employees' length of service which is used to calculate potential retirement benefits.

The most numerous of the forms are the employment history cards. These are a record of an employee's history in state employment and begin in the 1930s when department staff created and maintained the cards, including the employee's personal data. Starting in the 1940s, the employees themselves filled in the personnel data section on the card and signed it. Recorded are the person's name, address, phone number, spouse's name, and Social Security number. Employment history data was added later, specifically: department and position, date of hire, rate of pay, and date of termination. Several cards often exist for each person, reflecting the times when different chronological sections of the series were closed; not necessarily different terms of employment. Irregular terms of employment are usually recorded on one card, within these chronological time blocks.

Federal Income Tax W-4 forms are attached to the history cards from the 1940s, when employees began identifying their tax exemptions. Applications for state teaching certificates were forms maintained originally by the Department of Public Instruction, and these begin in 1910 and end in the 1960s. These applications for primary and/or secondary teaching certificates include personal data filled in by the applicant and a record of any certificates, diplomas, or honors awarded. Other information includes applicable college courses and, beginning in the 1950s, a list of hours deficient to meet new requirements for recertification.

A number of cards, dating from the 1930s to early 1940s, are Personnel Record Cards for Employees kept by the WDERA of Salt Lake County. Information on these cards includes personal data and a bimonthly earnings record. A few miscellaneous things, such as Social Security cards or Utah County employee record cards, are sometimes attached to state employee history cards. These are of little significance to the series.


Alphabetical by surname, and thereunder by first name. It is not always an exact alphabetical order.

Research Note

Personnel case files exist for different time periods in both the state Personnel or Human Resources Department and in individual departments. These records could be checked for more detailed information about individuals whose employment cards are in this series.

Custody History

These records were created and maintained by the Department of Finance and transferred to the Personnel Management Division in 1979.

Access Restrictions

Private; available only to the subject of the records. Access to restricted portions may be permitted under certain conditions. Contact the Reference Archivist for more information.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

The series was both scheduled and microfilmed in 1988. The original cards have been destroyed. The cards were transferred to the archives where they were interfiled into one alphabetic sequence. An exception occurs on reel 70, which has two separate sections for the surname Sorenson. Although surnames with slight spelling variations (i.e., Sorensen and Sorenson) are treated as distinct names, cards with one spelling have occasionally been misfiled with those of the alternate spelling. A single individual often has more than one card. Occasionally, both spellings are found on separate cards documenting a single individual. Researchers should check all possibilities. Archival processing was completed in 1989 by Patricia Smith-Mansfield.

Indexing Terms

Container List

1 AA, Mary N. to Allred, Douglas V.
2 Allred, D.V. to Anderson, R.K.
3 Anderson, R.K. to Averett, L.W.
4 Averett, L.W. to Barlow, I.D.
5 Barlow, I.D. to Beck, M.
6 Beck, M. to Beveridge, A.
7 Beveridge, A.J. to Boat, S.D.
8 Boat, S.D. to Braegger, L.J.
9 Braegger, L.J. to Brown, L.C.
10 Brown, L.C. to Burr, D.L.
11 Burr, D.L. to Campos, V.
12 Campos, V to Chamberlain D.C.
13 Chamberlain, E.J. to Christen, T.
14 Christen, T. to Coelho, R.L.
15 Coelho, R. to Cotterell, S.
16 Cotterell, S. to Crawford, I.
17 Crawford, J.A. to Dallimore, K.R.
18 Dallimore, K. to Delporto, D.J.
19 Davis, S to Dickens, D.R.
20 Dickens, G.S. to Dunbar, M.R.
21 Duncan, A.M. to Eliason, D.R.
22 Eliason, D.L. to Evans, R.M.
23 Evans, R. to Fillmore, J.P.
24 Fillmore, K.J. to Fowles, J.G.
25 Fowles, J.L. to Gale, J.A.
26 Gale, J. to Gibbons, R.G.
27 Gibbons, R.G. to Gordon, K.W.
28 Gordon, L.E. to Griffiths, M.L.
29 Griffiths, M.D. to Hales, I.
30 Hales, J to Hansen, G.M.
31 Hansen, G.J. to Harris, L.V.
32 Harris, L. to Haynie, R.
33 Hays, G.A. to Hicken, G.T.
34 Hicken, H.R. to Holbrook, G.
35 Holbrook, G.B. to Holmes, W.S.
36 Holmgren, A. to Hulbert, R.
37 Hulen, F. to Ison, W.O.
38 Isom, W.H. to Jensen, A.K.
39 Jensen, A.M.B. to Johnson, B.L.
40 Johnson, B to Jones, D.C.
41 Jones, D.E. to Katsos, R.
42 Katwyk, M.E. to King, D.M.
43 King D.M. to Kyselka, J.V.
44 La Barge, N.A. to Lasater, C.M.
45 Lasater, C. to Lewis, E
46 Lewis, E. to Lords, S.
47 Lorensen, B. to Madsen, B.
48 Madsen, B.G. to Martinez, A.D.
49 Martinez, A. to McCornell, D.
50 McConnell, D.S. to Mealey, J.H.
51 Mealiff, N. to Miller, E.M.
52 McConkle, E.L. to Moon, I.M.
53 Mooney, A. to Munger, L.
54 Munger, L.B. to Nelson, M.F.
55 Nelson, M. to Nixon, R.
56 Nixon, R.H. to Olsen, B.W.
57 Olson, B.W. to Palmer, T.H.
58 Palmer, T.H. to Peck, I.M.
59 Peck, I.M. to Peterson, M.S.
60 Peterson, M.M. to Portillos, M.E.
61 Portillos, M.E. to Quayle, T.P.
62 Quayle, T.P. to Reid, C.M.
63 Reid, C.M. to Riser, G.R.
64 Riser, G.R. to Ronayne, J.M.
65 Ronayne, J.M. to Salter, V.R.
66 Salter, V.R. to Scott, V.M.
67 Scott, V. to Shoemaker, M.
68 Shoemaker, M to Smith, E.D.
69 Smith, F. to Snow, O.K.
70 Snow, O.K. to Spor, B.F.
71 Spor, G. to Stevens, J.E.
72 Stevens, J.L. to Straw, M.
73 Strayer, B.E. to Szymanski, L.H.
74 Tabata, C.S. to Terrill, R.L.
75 Terry, A.L. to (Thomson) Hamblin, B.
76 Thomson, B.J. to Treft, S.A.
77 Trefflich, N.C. to Van Brocklin R.
78 Van Burun, A.K. to Van Dam, M.P.
79 Wakefield, A.B. to Warner, W.L.
80 Warnes, B.F. to Westover, C.R.
81 Westover, C.R. to Wilkins, L.D.
82 Wilkins, L.D. to Winshow, C.G.
83 Winslow, D.M. to Wright, R.
84 Wright, R.F. to Zwicky, F.

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