Series 6848
West Valley City (Utah). City Council Ordinances

Dates: i 1980-

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

This series is made up of ordinances and the compiled municipal code which have been adopted by the West Valley City Council to govern and maintain the operation of the city for the peace, benefit, and regulation of the municipality. These documents were compiled and maintained by the city recorder, who is required by state statute to keep a record book of all ordinances passed by the city council.

Municipal ordinances, resolutions, and procedure are described in part 7 of the Utah Municipal Code (Utah Code, 1953, Title 10, chapter 3 [May 2000]). Subject to the Municipal Code, the governing body of a municipality exercises its legislative powers through ordinances. A municipal ordinance may "regulate, require, prohibit, govern, control or supervise any activity, business, conduct or condition authorized" by the Municipal Code or any other provision of law. Typical ordinances "provide for the safety and preserve the health, and promote the prosperity, improve the morals, peace and good order, comfort, and convenience of the city and its inhabitants, and for the protection of property in the city." Ordinances generally address issues not already covered by state or federal laws. Ordinances must not be in conflict with state or federal law or the constitution of Utah or the United States. Obedience to ordinances may be enforced with fines or penalties in accordance with the Municipal Code. The form of ordinances is prescribed by the Municipal Code. Proposed ordinances are discussed in a public hearing during a meeting of the city council. If an effective date is not specified in the ordinance, it becomes "effective 20 days after publication or posting or 30 days after final passage..., whichever is closer to the date of final passage." A certificate stating the date of passage and of the date of publication or posting, as required, immediately follows each ordinance or codification.

Municipalities are empowered to "revise, codify, and compile...and to publish in book, pamphlet, or looseleaf form all ordinances." Upon incorporation of West Valley City on July 1, 1980, the West Valley City Commission (forerunner of the city council) adopted as ordinance 80-1 the compiled municipal code. The switch from a commission form of municipal government to a council/manager form was accomplished through adoption of ordinance 82-1.


Numerical by consecutive ordinance number

West Valley City ordinances are arranged numerically by consecutive ordinance number.

Research Note

West Valley City ordinances are preceded by a two-digit number indicating the year the ordinance was adopted, followed by the ordinance number (i.e., ordinances for 1987 are numbered 87-1 through 87-137). Numbering for each subsequent year starts over, beginning again with number 1 (i.e., 87-1, 88-1, 89-1, 90-1, etc.). Ordinances passed between August and December of 1980, which are not numbered, are an exception. These appear in chronological order. Filming for 1984-1986 is in reverse order. While executive orders follow the pattern of the ordinances by using a two-digit number as a prefix indicating the year the order was issued (1984 and 1985), numbering begins with number 1 again each year. The final order of 1985 is number 22. However instead of beginning with number 1 in 1986, the first order is designated as number 23, picking up where numbering left off in 1985. This pattern continues into subsequent years. Filming for 1984-1986 is in reverse order. More recent ordinances as well as the up-to-date West Valley City Municipal Code both are accessible online via the city web site ( The MUNICIPAL CODE, 1980-[ongoing] (series 23385), is amended through passage of ordinances.

Related Records

Resolutions from West Valley City (Utah). Department of Administration, Series 6845, are formal statements of a decision or expression of opinion which are similar in form and contain sections substantially similar to that prescribed by ordinances and which document the West Valley City Council's exercise of administrative power.

City Council minutes from West Valley City (Utah). Department of Administration, Series 6846, record the adoption of city ordinances and executive orders.

Custody History

The documents in this series are compiled and maintained by the West Valley City Recorder. Original copies of ordinances adopted between the incorporation of West Valley City in 1980 and 1992 were microfilmed by the Utah Correctional Industries Micrographics Center in 1986 and by the State Archives in 1988, and by West Valley City in 1990 and 1993 and retained by the city recorder. The Utah State Archives has custody of microfilm copies.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Gaps in Series

Ordinances from 1989 were not included in the 1990 or 1993 filming. Ordinances 1-13 from 1990 do not appear in the 1993 filming.

Processing Note

The state records committee has determined that ordinances are permanent records and are essential to emergency government operation. They must be preserved in the original form or on microfilm or both. Interspersed with the ordinances passed between 1984 and 1986 on reels 3 and 4 are executive orders (series 23287) issued those same years. These reels were archivally processed by W. Glen Fairclough, Jr., in December 2000.

Finding Aids

Other: a sequential listing of ordinances and executive order numbers, titles, and adoption dates precedes the text of the ordinances and executive orders themselves for most calendar years.

Indexing Terms

  • Municipal government—Utah—West Valley City.
  • Municipal government—Fees—West Valley City.
  • Water use—Utah—West Valley City.
  • Traffic regulations—Utah—West Valley City.
  • City planning—Utah—West Valley City.
  • Police patrol—Utah—West Valley City.
  • Fire fighters—Utah—West Valley City.
  • Commercial law—Utah—West Valley City.
  • West Valley City (Utah)—Traffic.
  • West Valley City (Utah)—Officials and employees.

Container List

1 Ordinance 80-1 [Municipal Code, Titles 1-24] (1980)
2 Ordinances 80-3 through 80-9 and un-numbered ordinances passed between August and December (1980)
2 Ordinances 81-1 through 81-50 (1981)
3 Ordinances 82-1 through 82-48 (1982)
3 Ordinances 83-1 through 81-57 (1983)
3 Ordinances 84-1 through 84-71 (1984, reverse order)
3 [Executive orders 84-2 through 84-11, series 23287 (1984, reverse order)]
3 Ordinances 85-1 through 85-84 (1985, reverse order)
3 [Executive orders 85-13 through 85-22, series 23287 (1985, reverse order)]
4 Ordinances 85-1 through 85-84 (1985, reverse order)
4 [Executive orders 85-1 through 85-22, series 23287 (1985, reverse order)]
4 Ordinances 86-1 through 86-98 (1986, reverse order)
4 [Executive orders 86-23 through 86-29, series 23287 (1986, reverse order)]
4 Ordinances 87-1 through 87-137 (1987)
5 Ordinances 88-1 through 88-86 (1988)
2 Ordinances 90-14 through 90-50 (1990)
2 Ordinances 91-1 through 92-34 (1991)
2 Ordinances 92-1 through 92-42 (1992)

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