Series 5607
District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County) Exhibits

Dates: 1899-1959; 1972.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

This series contains exhibits filed as evidence in various court cases brought before the Third District Court. Most of the court cases documented in these records are civil cases, but exhibits from a few criminal and probate cases are included as well. The items found in this series do not necessarily include all the exhibits filed with the court in any given case, but represent only exhibits that could be stored in filing drawers. The overwhelming majority of the exhibits that have survived in this series are photographs, but some maps, newspaper clippings, 16mm movie film, and other documents are included as well. Furthermore, this series does not include all of the exhibit files that would have been created by the court during the series date span.


Alphabetical by case type, thereunder numerical by case number.

Research Note

Photographs of the Lincoln Highway are in box 1, case #41271.

Related Records

Criminal case files from the District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County), Series 1471, contains the criminal files related to the exhibits in this series.

Probate case files from the District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County), Series 1621, contains the probate files related to the exhibits in this series.

Civil case files from the District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County), Series 1622, contains the civil files related to the exhibits in this series.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Gaps in Series

Despite the fact that court exhibits do not typically have a permanent retention, the exhibits in this series survived apparently by chance and now have clear historical value. Because this series survived by chance rather than thru intentional adherence a permanent retentions schedule, it contains numerous gaps. While many court cases heard by the Third District Court never had exhibits attached to them, this series represents only exhibits that could fit conveniently in a file drawer and many cases that did have such exhibits are not represented in this series. The series could thus be considered a kind of sampling of court exhibits.

Processing Note

This series was kept because of the intrinsic value of the items it contains. It was processed by Alan Barnett in May 2004. The processor provided a brief description of the contents of each folder and a date for photograph exhibits where possible. The dates provided are based on information on the photographs or in the court case. If no definite date could be discerned, the date the photo was filed as an exhibit with the court has been noted preceded by the term "ca." In designating locations of scenes in photos the state has been noted only for locations outside of Salt Lake County.

Indexing Terms

  • Post-conviction remedies—Utah.
  • Divorce suits—Salt Lake County (Utah).
  • Corporate divestiture—Utah—Salt Lake County.
  • Judgments—Utah—Salt Lake County.
  • Salt Lake County (Utah)—Trials (Divorce).
  • Salt Lake County (Utah)—Actions and defenses—Cases.
  • Salt Lake County (Utah)—Habeas corpus.

Container List

1 1 Case # 3356, Sawyer vs. Salt Lake City, [7th East, SLC, 1899]
1 2 Case # 4449, Young vs. Lund, [Power house and weir in lower Millcreek Canyon, 1914]
1 3 Case # 4609, Utah Gas Co. vs. Harley, [gas meters, 1911]
1 4 Case # 5458, Eva B. Knuckey vs. James N. Knuckey, [house(?), ca. 1903]
1 5 Case # 6058, N. J. Malmstrom vs. Rio Grande Western Railroad, railyards at Pallas, Salt Lake Co. [Murray, 1903]
1 6 Case # 6610, James Young vs. Susan Dudler, et al., [tintype(?) of woman, ca. 1912]
1 7 Case #12626, Bingham and Garfield Railway vs. Harris, [land for railroad right-of-way, West Mountain Mining District, 1910]
1 8 Case #14214, Selma Stanford vs. B. B. Gray, et al., [portrait of family, ca.1911]
1 9 Case # 14760, Don C. Parkin vs. Jennie Parkin, [portrait of woman, ca. 1912]
1 10 Case #15428, Montgomery vs. Utah Copper Co., [photos of mining cars and plan of mine ore bin, 1911]
1 11 Case #15631, W. Glenn vs. Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, [Utah Copper Co. assembly yard, 1913]
1 12 Case #15735, Workman vs. Valley View, [photos of a gravel pit(?), 1912, and misc. documents]
1 13 Case #16378, Joseph Regh vs. David A. Coombs [house and outbuildings, Lots 8 & 9, Block 7, 5-Acre Plat A, Big Field Survey, ca. 1913]
1 14 Case #16883, Barnhart vs. Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, [railroad crossing in Parley's Canyon, ca. 1913]
1 15 Case #17221, Earl Bennion vs. Salt Lake City, [west end of North Temple viaduct and portraits of Mary Cummings O'Neill and 2 others, ca. 1912]
1 16 Case #17640, Bingham & Garfield Railway Co. vs. George Praggastis, et al., [""Flood Aug. 18, 1909 Bingham, 1909""]
1 17 Case #17713, Utah Lake Investment Co. vs. Smith, [canal in rural area, ca. 1914]
1 18 Case #17760, Rade Smelanich vs. Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, [photos and map of Price, Utah railyards, also a diagram, ca. 1914]
1 19 Case #18641, Alfred Bubel vs. Utah Light & Railway Co. [wagon and view of 1st West, SLC, ca. 1914]
1 20 Case #18850, Callahan vs. Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, [Black Hawk Mine near Price, Utah, ca. 1916]
1 21 Case #19163, Lawrence C. Mariger vs. Francis M. Bishop [Ballots, 1914]
1 22 Case #19277, Rose Oliver, et al. vs. Bingham Central Railroad Co. [railroad / mining cars ca. 1915]
1 23 Case #19623, Mabel Torkelson vs. Frank C. Torkelson [photos of Robert Louis Torkelson and Draft Board message, ca. 1915]
1 24 Case #19723, Lewis Lewis vs. Edward C. Lewis and Utah Light and Traction [map and photos, 11th South (1700 S) and State St., ca. 1913]
1 25 Case #21973, Williams vs. Oregon Short Line Railroad, [Letter and photos of equipment, ca. 1917]
1 26 Case #22040, John Bacalis vs. Cameron Coal Co., [plan sketch showing accident and photos of mule and rail car at coal mine, ca. 1917]
1 27 Case #23930, O. P. Pratt, admin., vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [views of railroad hand car, ca.1917]
1 28 Case #24097, Ella J. Dalton vs. Thos. S. Fowler and E. E. Rich, [views of farm in East Crescent, Salt Lake Co., ca. 1917]
1 29 Case #24680, Mrs. M. H. Walker vs. Merrill Nibley, et al., [trench with wall, pumps, trees on Walker Farm, Holliday, 1919-1920]
1 30 Case #24908, Louis Sampson vs. Utah Light and Traction Co., [views along North Temple, SLC, ca. 1918]
1 31 Case #24955, Green Machinery and Manufacturing Co. vs. Weber Chimney Co., [Green mixer with batch hopper, 1917]
1 32 Case #25404 [or #25413(?)], Hewlett Bros. Co. vs. United Filters Corp. and C. B. Oliver, [wrecked car in Murray, 1917]
1 33 Case #25750, Henry Nebeker vs. Salt Lake & Utah Railroad Co., [street in Payson, Utah, 1912]
1 34 Case #25885, Mable R. Zieve vs. Harry Zieve, [people vacationing, ca. 1919]
1 35 Case #27045, Edward Lewis vs. Oregon Short Line [Union Pacific locomotive no. 4709, 1919]
1 36 Case #27220, Sparey & Mehse Co. vs. Culinary Alliance Local No. 815, [1st South looking east toward Main St., SLC, 1919]
1 37 Case #27362, Melissa King vs. Isaac J. King, [group in water at Saltair, 1918]
1 38 Case #28102, David B. Brinton vs. J. A. Millecam and Hattie Millecam, [J. A. Millecam General Merchandise, 48th South and Highland Drive, ca 1921]
1 39 Case #28146, Margaret Swetnam vs. J. A. Truetlen and D. Bianco, [Millcreek Canyon, ca. 1921]
1 40 Case #28389, W. M. Ellis vs. Union Pacific Railroad, [locomotives and depot in Green River, Wyoming(?), ca. 1922]
1 41 Case #28843, G. H. Horne, et al. vs. Utah Oil Refining Co. [wells, yards, and people, ca. 1920]
1 42 Case #29086, Karin Pearson, et al. vs. Utah Light & Traction Co., [wrecked truck, ca. 1921]
1 43 Case #29543, Mrs. E. L. Smith vs. American Consolidated Copper Co., [miners standing at entrance to mine in Salt Lake Co., ca. 1921]
1 44 Case #29617, Portage Tire and Rubber Co. vs. United Vulcanizing Co., [United Vulcanizing Co., 4th South and State St., SLC, ca. 1921]
1 45 Case #29768, T. W. & L. O. Naylor Co. vs. Intermountain Sugar Co., [farm machinery, ca. 1921]
1 46 Case #29862, Payne (Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad) vs. Dixie Power Co., [railroad spur at Lund, Utah, ca. 1922]
1 47 Case #29945, Mrs. E. Olander vs. Saltair Beach Co., [S. L. G. & W. Ry exit check stubs and photos of pier at Saltair, 1920]
1 48 Case #30188, Dixie Oil Co. vs. B. C. Morrison and Mojave Oil Co., [oil refining operation(?) on the Virgin River, Washington Co., Utah(?), ca. 1922]
1 49 Case #30741, Pry vs. Oregon Short Line Railroad, [railyards at Nampa, Idaho, 1921]
1 50 Case #30776, Daniel Davidson vs. Albert Jackstein, [house at 3138 South 7th East, 1920]
1 51 Case #31360, Golden R. Larson, et al. vs. P. C. Rasmussen, et al., [P. C. Rasmussen & Sons store, Sandy, ca. 1922]
1 52 Case #31705, W. G. Knight vs. Bamberger Electric Railroad Co., [railcar, ca. 1922]
1 53 Case #31760, Richard E. Tolbert vs. Wasatch Coal Co., Carbon Fuel Co., and Morton Coal Co., [Bunkhouse C at Spring Canyon, Carbon Co., ca. 1922]
1 54 Case #31899, Thompson & Murdock Investment Co. vs. Utah Power & Light Co., [basement of Newhouse Building, SLC, ca. 1923]
1 55 Case #32440, Dr. C. E. Brain vs. Reuben Romney, et al., [children, ca. 1918-1923]
2 1 Case #33662, John H. Tonkin vs. Angelena A. Walker, [Glenwood on Walker Lane, Holliday, 1922]
2 2 Case #33853, Lee Wilson vs. Florence K. Woodruff, et al., [collapsed building at 29 West 1st South, SLC, 1923]
2 3 Case #33968, Ottinger vs. Atkin, [damaged car and accident scene at 11th East and Sherman Ave., SLC, 1923]
2 4 Case #33987, John Franklin Frost vs. Harry Haynes [3rd West (400 West) looking north toward North Temple, 1923]
2 5 Case #34195, John Steiner, et al. vs. Joseph Hoffman, et al., [Thos. Martin and Co. on State St. in Murray, 1922]
2 6 Case #34665, C. C. Dutson vs. Oregon Short Line Railroad, [tracks, motor car, and workers, at Cornish, Utah, 1923]
2 7 Case #34828, S. Richards vs. N. Youngdale, [cow, ca. 1924]
2 8 Case #38097, Joseph Hoffman, et ux vs. John Steiner, et ux, et al., [buildings on State St. in Murray, ca. 1922]
2 9 Case #40361, Fred Shapiro vs. Hardy K. Downing and R. W. Morgan, [State Highway one mile south of Kaysville, Utah, ca. 1927]
2 10 Case #41271, Charlotte Lynberg vs. E. G. Smith, [Lincoln Highway 3 miles east of Magna, ca. 1928]
2 11 Case #42956, A. C. Donnelly vs. Community Coal Co., et al., [coal mining operation in Wyoming, ca. 1928]
2 12 Case #47957, Lenord C. Neilson vs. Edwin Olson, [Vincent Drugs and U. S. Cafe on Main St., Midvale, ca. 1932]
2 13 Case #55706, John Bentley vs. Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Co., [Area near 2400 South and West Temple, ca. 1936]
2 14 Case #58450, Harry Watkins vs. Arthur Durnford, et al., [state highway, Copperton, 1936]
2 15 Case #59952, State of Utah vs. E. M. Peterson, [window of Banner Inn, SLC(?), 1937]
2 16 Case #63403, Salt Lake City vs. William D. Clegg, [9th North (1000 North) and Redwood Road, ca. 1939]
2 17 Case #66937, Axel B. Olson vs. Axel W. S. Mars, et ux, [family and yard, ca. 1926-1941]
2 18 Case #67164, Jemima N. Sine vs. Yellow Cab Co., et al., [3rd West (400 West) and 6th South, SLC, ca. 1941]
2 19 Case #68433, Mary Smith Olsen vs. John A. Olsen, [house and outbuildings at 1195 N. University Ave., Provo, Utah and house in Los Angeles, California, ca. 1947]
2 20 Case #68611, Carl Johanson, et al. vs. Cudahy Packing Co., [truck and loading dock area, ca. 1948]
2 21 Case #68875, Benjamin Gordon vs. Murray City, [industrial site and scene of fire on west 48th South near D&RG Railroad depot, Murray, ca. 1943]
2 22 Case #68923, C. E. Henderson vs. Wilson McCarthy, et al., [D&RG locomotive, detail views, and railyard, ca. 1943]
2 23 Case #69507, Pearl Spencer vs. Santa Fe Trail Transportation Co. and Leonard Rushing, [bus and damaged car, 1942]
2 24 Case #69655, Maxine Anderson vs. Santa Fe Transportation Co., et al., [bus and damaged car, 1942]
2 25 Case #69784, Thomas Sumner vs. Morris Rosen, [Morris Rosen store, 118 South Main St., SLC, ca. 1943]
2 26 Case #69805, Jack Avery Hybarger vs. Salt Lake Transit, [bus, 1942]
2 27 Case #69994 & #65778, Earl B. Sumsion vs. Streator Smith Inc., [damaged automobile, ca. 1943]
2 28 Case #70044, Georgia Ann Flandro on Habeas Corpus, [""At the Dog House"" Reno, Nevada, ca. 1943]
2 29 Case #70226, Harry L. Torgerson vs. Salt Lake & Utah Railroad Corp., [photos of boxcar and damaged automobile, ca. 1943, also cardboard cutouts]
2 30 Case #70287, John H. Boberg vs. Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Co., [views from County Road at 11800 South, ca. 1944]
2 31 Case #70317, Mary Holesapple vs. Leonard A. Holesapple, [children and house, ca. 1948-1949]
2 32 Case #70448, C. E. Henderson, adm. vs. Wilson McCarthy, et al., [Rio Grande Railroad locomotives and railyards at Grand Junction, Colorado, ca. 1943-1944, also one document]
2 33 Case #71299, C. E. Larsen vs. D. T. Lund, [wrecked automobile]
2 34 Case #71324, Paul Hanks vs. Bamberger Coal Co., [house and yard at 70 W. Zane Ave., SLC and boy with burns, 1943]
2 35 Case #72218, Della F. Nielsen vs. George O. Nielsen, [snapshots of a woman, ca. 1944]
2 36 Case #72606, McDonald vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [interior of locomotive maintenance shed, ca. 1945]
2 37 Case #72729, Anna Hurt Allen vs. Moore Lowry Allen, [people, ca. 1945]
2 38 Case #72784, Ronald Wall vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [railroad crossing on U. S. Highway 91, 5 miles north of Lehi, Utah, ca. 1944]
2 39 Case #72894, John I. Curtis vs. Irene O. Curtis, [house at 1115 South 4th East, SLC, ca. 1944]
2 40 Case #74675, Wright vs. Wright, [photos of a man and a woman, also list of addresses, ca. 1945?]
2 41 Case #74787, Mary A. Tanner, adm. vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [machinery and shops at Pocatello, Idaho, ca. 1946]
2 42 Case #75755, Francis C. Fowler vs. Medical Arts Building Co., et al., [photo of two children, 1945]
2 43 Case #75769, Harold Winger vs. Maravene Winger, [Maravene dancing at Kearns Army Air Base, boy (Butch), house with people, ca. 1951]
2 44 Case #75777, Diana Brockbank vs. Holladay Lumber Co., [street scene near 4618 South Highland Drive, ca. 1946]
2 45 Case #76027, Benich vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [railroad tracks near Salt Lake Stockyards and Cudahy plant, also 16mm color film of man and boxcar at scene of accident, ca. 1946]
2 46 Case #76504, Jack M. Gardner vs. Betty Jo Gardner, [house, ca 1946]
2 47 Case #76505, Dwayne Vawdrey vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [panoramic view of New Lane Ave. railroad crossing in Draper, 1945]
2 48 Case #77029, Hannah I. Ludington vs. Mountain Fuel Supply Co., et al., [Wilson Ave. and Edison St., SLC, looking east, 1946]
2 49 Case #77081, Rosetta Frank vs. Salt Lake City Lines and Mountain Fuel Supply Co., [interior and exterior of damaged bus, ca. 1946]
2 50 Case #77181, Frank J. Gorishek vs. Victor Newman, [street intersection on Highway 91 (State Street) near 4th North, Orem, Utah, ca. 1946]
2 51 Case #77229, William M. Robb vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [Union Pacific locomotive no. 5401 at engine house, 1945]
2 52 Case #77418, DeVon Patrick Hardcastle vs. Neldon Hardcastle, [house, ca. 1949]
2 53 Case #77444, Silas Egan, Jr. vs. Henry C. Burningham, [street scenes near 2170 South and Main St., ca. 1946]
2 54 Case #77569, Gordon Hooton, et al. vs. Clifford S. Urry, [view of Center St. between 3rd North (400 North) and 4th North (500 North), SLC, looking south, 1946]
2 55 Case #78398, Herman W. Posteher, et ux vs. Mountain Fuel Supply Co., [newspaper clipping and photos of destroyed wall of tourist apartments at 3917 South State St., 1945]
2 56 Case #78436, [#90678?] Albert Bartlett vs. Salt Lake City Lines, [street scenes in Bingham Canyon, 1951 and Main 3rd South, SLC, 1946]
3 1 Case #78660, Quality Oil Co. vs. E. G. Lyon and Inland Freight Line, [Associated Service Station at 4795 South State St., Murray, 1947]
3 2 Case #78726, Olson Construction Co. vs. James H. Morgan and Irvin N. Adams, [Dick and Jim Apartment, Layton, Utah, 1945]
3 3 Case #78909, Leo K. Stern vs. Bamberger Railroad Co., [train and views looking east and west on 2nd South from 1st West (200 West), SLC, 1945]
3 4 Case #78969, Donna Everill Nicholl vs. Wilson McCarthy, et al., [railroad tracks, stockyard, and railyard at Heber, Utah, ca. 1947]
3 5 Case #79269, Donald S. Gilbert, et al. vs. W. C. Allred, [house under construction at 287 East 48th South, Murray, 1945]
3 6 Case #79348, David E. Thomas vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [panoramic view looking east across railroad tracks on 3rd North (400 North)? from 4th West (500 West), SLC, 1946]
3 7 Case #79350, Frank A. Keith vs. Paul G. Hedges, et al., [view looking north at intersection of 9th East and 9th South, SLC]
3 8 Case #79453, Jack R. Schmidt vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [tractor hauling load of lumber, ca. 1949]
3 9 Case #79523, Russell H. Eggett vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [Union Pacific railyards and viaduct at North Temple, SLC, ca. 1947]
3 10 Case #79531, R. R. Berney vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [railyard at Las Vegas, Nevada, 1944]
3 11 Case #79546, Alta Wilcock vs. J. D. Gardner, [Highway 89 at farm 7 miles north of Panguitch, Utah, ca. 1947]
3 12 Case #79772, Jesse Grant Wallace vs. Sophia Houlette Wallace, [woman by automobile and at Ogden High School, Ogden, Utah, 1945]
3 13 Case #79872, Gray's Motor Service Inc. vs. L. H. Strong Motor Co., [interior and exterior views Gray's Motor Service at 3rd North (400 North) and 2nd West (300 West), before and after expansion, ca. 1947]
3 14 Case #79918, Grotepas vs. Wasatch Oil Refining Co., [man beside 1939 International 3/4 ton Moderne Bakery truck, ca. 1947]
3 15 Case #79953, Hubert Wolfe, et al. vs. Sarah White and James L. White , [rebuilding of roof of building at 248 - 256 South State St., SLC, 1946]
3 16 Case #79972, Frank J. Mozley vs. Salt Lake City, [views from accident scene at approximatly 150 East 300 South, SLC, 1947]
3 17 Case #79973, Francis F. Whitehead vs. William McQuilken, [veiw looking south on State St. near 7800 South, Midvale, 1947]
3 18 Case #80148, J. F. Rice vs. Raymond McFarlane, et al., [McFarlane Fuel truck at Fort Hall, Idaho, 1947]
3 19 Case #80479, W. S. Wagstaff vs. Ray B. Allred, et al., [trucks, ca. 1948]
3 20 Case #80626, Radford vs. Interstate Motor Lines, [2 trucks, 1947]
3 21 Case #80684, W. W. Borland vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [wrecked automobile and views of 1st North (200 North) looking east and west across railroad track near 4th West (500 West), SLC, ca. 1947]
3 22 Case #80818, Griffiths vs. Griffiths, [boys, 1943, 1945]
3 23 Case #81129, Lloyd C. Anderson vs. Bingham & Garfield Railway Co., [railroad crossing on Highway 50 at Sand Crossing, diesel engine, highway near Garfield Smelter, 1943-ca. 1949]
3 24 Case #81268, State of Utah vs. Joseph S. Mousley, [views near Bluffdale, ca. 1949]
3 25 Case #81498, Margaret O. Gunnell vs. Victor Chaussart, et al., [views of property at 621 West 1st North (200 North), SLC, 1948]
3 26 Case #81555, H & S Concrete Products, Inc. vs. William H. Prince & Sons, et al., [machinery, ca. 1948]
3 27 Case #81581, Dean E. Conder vs. Interstate Transit Lines, et al., [wrecked bus, ca. 1948]
3 28 Case #81875, Carlyle Mortensen vs. Clane B. Hale, et ux, [family in front of home at 2182 Berkeley St., ca. 1948]
3 29 Case #81986, Robert Dee Carpenter vs. Robert Thorum, [64th South looking east, ca. 1948]
3 30 Case #82031, Lawrence E. Nelson vs. Murray City, [views of trash and farmland near Murray, ca. 1948]
3 31 Case #82038, Dorothy Tippets vs. Bamberger Transportation Co., et al., [construction zone on U. S. Highway 91 near Riverdale Bridge in Weber Co. and construction equipment, ca. 1948]
3 32 Case #82266, Herbert W. Clark vs. Vern Ekins, et al., [industrial property at 9001 South State St., Sandy, 1947]
3 33 Case #82425, Charles R. Grant vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [view of Union Pacific engine no. 4005 and interior of cab, ca. 1949]
3 34 Case #82543, Carol G. Sargent vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [views of 106th South looking east, 1948]
3 35 Case #82588, Charles L. Bennett vs. Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Co., [depot and railyard at Buena Vista, Colorado, 1948]
3 36 Case #82801, Avoy Coombs vs. Clarence Martindale, et al., [views of State St. near 1100 South and Wasatch Plumbing truck, ca. 1948]
3 37 Case #82887, Warren Stack vs. Edwin J. Kearnes, [views of Holladay Boulevard near 45th South, ca. 1948]
3 38 Case #83051, Ralph Elmer Butterwood vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [railroad siding near 2nd South and 3rd West (400 West), SLC, looking south, ca. 1948]
3 39 Case #83078, Everett Fredrickson, et al. vs. Devirl B. Stewart, [loading dock, ca. 1948]
3 40 Case #83101, State of Utah, et al. vs. Abraham Sieverts, et al., [intersection of 23rd East and Parley's Way, SLC, ca. 1948]
3 41 Case #83315, Petersen vs. Bills, [Motor-Vu drive-in theater, Bountiful, Utah, ca. 1948]
3 42 Case #83382, Othello Hickman vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [views looking north, at railroad crossing just south of Logan, Utah, 1947]
3 43 Case #83408, William Clarence Lavender vs. Leonard S. Walton, [house and street scene on 17th South near 4th East, SLC, ca. 1949]
3 44 Case #83499, Gladys E. Hamilton vs. Salt Lake City Corp., et al., [Derks Field, SLC, 1947]
3 45 Case #83938, Mary Bowers vs. Earl H. Green, [house in South Carolina subdivision (Lot 16 Block 21, 5-Acre Plat A), ca. 1949]
3 46 Cases #83968 and #83969, Maude D. Coon, et al. vs. Utah Construction Co., [Perkins and Coon houses, water truck, construction vehicle, and street scene along 80th West near 35th South, 1948,1949]
3 47 Case #83983, Covey Garage, Inc. vs. Albert T. Stewart, [Covey Gas and Oil Service Station, 1204 Beck St., SLC, 1946-ca. 1949]
3 48 Case #84090, Mary S. Bowers vs. Adolph Hansen, et al., [yard, ""all of lot 3 and north 16 feet of lot 4, Perkins Fourth Addition,"" SLC, ca. 1949]
3 49 Case #84213, Celia Pepper vs. Myra Heaps, et al., [views looking north and south on 1st West (200 West) at 4th South, SLC, 1948]
3 50 Case #84404, Leah List Melter vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [Union Pacific passenger car, ca. 1949]
3 51 Case #84424, Ray vs. Thompson, [baby, ca. 1949(?)]
3 52 Case #84493, Fred Butz vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [Locomotives and Union Station, Denver, Colorado, 1948-ca. 1952]
3 53 Case #84494, Dwight H. McGuire vs. Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Co., [tracks and Carbide building at Burnham railyards, Denver, Colorado, ca. 1949]
3 54 Case #84565, Ruth Marie Basinger vs. Standard Furniture Co., et al., [views of buildings and street near 24 East South Temple, SLC, 1948]
3 55 Case #84631, Owen Day vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [views from railroad crossing near 2nd South and 3rd West (400 West), 1947]
3 56 Case #84719, Kathleen D. Galnouer vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [train depot at Caliente, Nevada, 1948]
3 57 Case #84983, N. T. Shepherd, et al. vs. Phillip A. Mallinckrodt, [""Holladay District, caretaker's cottage,"" 2535 E. 6200 South, 1948]
4 1 Case #85145, General Insurance Co. vs. Christiansen Furniture Co., [interior and exterior views of Christiansen Furniture Co. at 66 South Main St., SLC, with fire damage evident, 1946]
4 2 Case #85156, Gary E. Brown vs. A. A. Mawson, et al., [view looking east from 322 East 33rd South, 1948]
4 3 Case #85241, Carl Bury vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [railroad tracks through stockyards in North Salt Lake, Utah, 1948]
4 4 Case #85243, Mona C. Hudson vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [views of railroad crossing near Logandale, Nevada, 1948]
4 5 Case #85246, Western Pacific Railroad Co. vs. Wasatch Chemical Co., [spraying machine, ca. 1949]
4 6 Case #85305, Norman H. Jordan vs. Salt Lake & Tooele Stage Lines, et al., [damaged car, damaged bus, view of Garfield, Utah, 1949]
4 7 Case #85390, Uptown Appliance & Radio Co. vs. Leland B. Flint, et al. [Uptown Appliance & Radio Co. display window, 38 South Main St., SLC, 1949]
4 8 Case #85407, Betty Scott vs. Joseph E. Scott, [photo and real estate listing card for house and service station at 702-704 East 33rd South, 1944]
4 9 Case #85472, F. J. Wells vs. Jim Downing, et al., [man in front of Coliseum at State Fair Grounds, SLC, 1949]
4 10 Cases #85497 and #85498, Doris Steck & De Vera Morton vs. Lillian, [modeling photos of Doris Steck, 1948-ca. 1950]
4 11 Case #85524, Eva E. Rodgers vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [railroad tracks and reservoir in Bear River Canyon, ca. 1949]
4 12 Case #85683, Leslie G. Fowers vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [railroad crossing on 5800 West at 7200 North in Clearfield, Utah, ca. 1949]
4 13 Case #85839, D. A. Skeen vs. Sol G. Kahn, [damaged cars and views of intersection of 2nd South and 10th East, SLC, 1948]
4 14 Case #85853, Katherine C. Reese vs. Salt Lake City, et al., [newspaper clipping and photo of accident scene on South Temple near ""B"" Street, SLC, 1948]
4 15 Case #85923, George Saris, et al. vs. Carl Arnoldus, [rear of 60 North Main Street, Midvale, ca. 1949]
4 16 Case #85942, Salt Lake City vs. J. B. and R. E. Walker, et al., [view at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon showing terrain, excavation, and culvert, 1949]
4 17 Case #86005, Heiselt Construction Co. vs. Mark B. Garff, et al., [boiler shop, yard, and equipment at 15th North and Hot Springs Ave., 1947]
4 18 Case #86032, Dwight L. King vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [Railroad crossing and railyard at Cokeville, Wyoming, 1948]
4 19 Case #86133, [#13329], Virgil L. Latimer vs. Sheldon Walk, [accident scene near 1500 South State St., SLC, 1949]
4 20 Case #86165, Ray Famulener vs. Donna Smith, [damaged automobile and view looking north from intersection of 2nd South and 13th East, 1948]
4 21 Case #86177, Thomas B. Mooney vs. Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, [railyard at Tabernath, Colorado, 1949, and railroad equipment, ca. 1951]
4 22 Case #86212, Gertrude Young, et al. vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [accident scene at railroad crossing near 950 South Navajo St., 1948]
4 23 Case #86274, S. M. Powell, et al. vs. Owen M. Collett, [Collett Tank Lines garage, views near refinery norht of Salt Lake near 1452 Dexter St., ca. 1949]
4 24 Case #86323, Ethel McKnight vs. Salt Lake City, [view looking south along sidewalk and wall on east side of Temple Square, Main St., SLC, 1948]
4 25 Case #86596, Edgar B. Snow vs. Louis Block, [interior views of Block and Guss Packing Co., 1622 N. Beck St., SLC, 1951]
4 26 Case #86627, Lecher P. Neil, et ux vs. Addison Cain, et al., [Black Magic Coal Mine, 1949]
4 27 Case #86957, Lang Transp. Co vs. Intermountain Express Co., [highway 5 miles east of Thistle, Utah, ca. 1951]
4 28 Case #87282, Arbuckle vs. Wasatch Land and Imp. Co., [view looking east on 33rd South from Melbourne Ave., 1949]
4 29 Case #87292, Augustus Clayton Scott vs. Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Co., [shops at Grand Junction, Colorado and woodworking machinery, ca. 1951]
4 30 Case #87355, John F. Allred vs. Hattie L. Gaster, [wrecked automobile and accident scene with crowd at ""C"" St. and 1st Ave., SLC, 1949]
4 31 Case #87409, Douglas E. Turpin vs. George A. Rossiter, [damaged automobile and street scene at 4100 South and 4800 West, 1949]
4 32 Case #87522, H. J. Russell, et al. vs. Capital Cheverolet Co., [wrecked vehicles and views of State St. near 6400 South, ca. 1949]
4 33 Case #87607, Emma Hardy Helliwell vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [view of area around railroad crossing at approx. 950 S. Emery St., SLC, ca. 1949-1950]
4 34 Case #87654, Eugene Larsen vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [forklift and man in hospital bed, ca. 1950]
4 35 Case #87655, Henry O. Wielms vs. Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Co., [man in hospital bed, railyards at 1st North (200 North) and 4th West (500 West, SLC, railroad track in?, and railroad crane on rail line between Sulphur, Colorado and Flal?, Color
4 36 Case #87882, Ruth Hardman vs. Gaines Edward Thurman, et al., [semi truck and trailer, wrecked car, and accident scene at 2100 South and State St., SLC, ca. 1949-1950]
4 37 Case #88012, Milton B. Taylor vs. J. Bracken Lee, et al., [office doors in the State Capitol, ca. 1950]
4 38 Case #88047, Myrtle B. Pitzenberger vs. Hollis G. Peacock, [wrecked automobile and street scenes near 5th South and Navajo St., ca. 1950]
4 39 Case #88238, Broadwater vs. Lang Co., [photo of dumptruck, also a letter, ca. 1951]
4 40 Case #88269, Chester L. Wilson vs. Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Co., [Rio Grande flat car labeled 1926, could be ca. 1950]
4 41 Case #88275, Helen Leary vs. Alfred Leary, [photos of people, ca. 1949, also adding machine tape]
4 42 Case #88365, Aaron J. Mall vs. Darrell Evans, [Regent St. looking north from 1st South, SLC, 1950]
4 43 Case #88468, Alta M. Heller vs. Dale R. Roberts, et al., [damaged front of Heller's Market at 501 E. 27th South with on-lookers, 1949]
4 44 Case #88587, Eva Eisner vs. Salt Lake City Corp., et al., [view looking west on sidewalk of 3rd South from approx. 150 West, ca. 1951]
4 45 Case #88595, Howard F. Seybold vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [Union Pacific caboose and views of railyards and depot at Roberts, Idaho, ca. 1950]
4 46 Case #88610, Dorothy M. Dorius, admin. vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [views of railroad crossing on Blue Lake Blvd. in Twin Falls, Idaho, ca. 1950]
4 47 Case #88617, William B. West vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [trucks and views of railroad crossing near Creston, Wyoming, ca. 1950]
4 48 Case #88636, C. L. Fiser vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [locomotive and railyards at Nampa, Idaho, 1950]
5 1 Case #89285, Owen Duffin vs. Lois G. Skolfield, [view looking south toward 8th South on 10th East, ca. 1951]
5 2 Case #89540, State of Utah vs. Hyrum A. Danielson, et al., [views on Highland Drive in area of 6274 and 6480 South, ca. ?]
5 3 Case #89839, O. K. Clay, admin. vs. Stephen L. Dunford, [photos of people and views of vehicles near 316 East on 13th South,SLC, ca. 1950]
5 4 Case #90602, Bell Madsen vs. Salt Lake City Lines, [view of 1st Ave. looking east from State St., SLC, 1950]
5 5 Case #90637, Boskovich vs. Utah Construction Co., [shaft mucking machine, ca. 1951]
5 6 Case #90678, Nick Sarantos vs. Christ Bapis, [empty folder, case regarding automobile-related accident in Copperfield, ca. 1951]
5 7 Case #90785, Ardith Bowden vs. Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Co., [tracks at Welby, Salt Lake Co. And equipment parts, ca. 1951]
5 8 Case #90928, Richard W. Van Dam vs. Verl Hamilton, [accident scene with on-lookers at 41st South and State St., interior of truck cab, Verl Hamilton tanker truck, ca. 1950-1951]
5 9 Case #91050, Pearson vs. Reimannn, [damaged automobile, ca. 1951]
5 10 Case #91219, Dale I. Binns, et ux vs. Jerry Roberson, etux, [Binns house at 4455 S. 970 East and Roberson house across street, ca. 1951]
5 11 Case #91316, 13th and Washington Street Corp. vs. Clarence C. Neslen, et al., [entrance of Darling Building at 320 S. Main St., SLC, interior views of Beauty Salon in Darling Bldg., 1950]
5 12 Case #91330, Ireta Knighton, admin. vs. Vincenzo Raniere, et al., [views of vehicles, views of intersection of Page's Lane and Onion St., ""Woods Cross,"" Davis Co., and photos of repair of van , ca. ?]
5 13 Case #91574, John H. Wheat vs. Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Co., [loading a coalcar with coal at Puelbo, Colorado?, ca. 1951]
5 14 Case #91682, Leda Sampson vs. Albert Louis Horton, et al., [damaged bicycle and view looking north toward park (Poplar Grove Park) at 11th West (1200 West) and Indiana Avenue, ca. 1951]
5 15 Case #91807, Kenneth H. Dent vs. John Max Allgaier, [accident scene at intersection of ""F"" St. and 1st Ave., SLC, ca. 1951-1952]
5 16 Case #94511, L. B. Clark vs. Westcott Oil, [damaged trailer and views of U. S. Highway 30 near Brigham City, Utah, ca.1952]
5 17 Case #94515, Helen M. Pierce vs. Wilford R. Carter, [damaged automobile and views of crosswalk at approx. 1864 S. State Street, SLC, 1951.]
5 18 Case #94618, J. B. & R. E. Walker, Inc. vs. Evylyn Shelton, et al., [views of property on Big Cottonwood Creek showing buildings, corrals, creek and construction, ca. 1952?]
5 19 Case #94644, Douglas E. Monahan vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [wrecked automobile at Capital Cheverolet Co., 8th South and State St., SLC, 1951]
5 20 Case #94763, A. B. Cutler vs. First Security Bank of Utah and Bowers Building & Construction Co., [private office in First Security Bank at 1st South and Main St., SLC, 1953]
5 21 Case #94780, Mary L. Moran vs. Martin John Etchemendy, [traffic accident on U. S. Highway 40 near Saltair, 1951]
5 22 Case #94898, Buehner Cinder Block Co. vs. Gwynne Page, et al., [torn-up railroad tracks at ""Murray American Mill"", 1951]
5 23 Case #94981, Michael V. Maloney vs. Salt Lake City, [sidewalk and entrance at Eagle Gate Apartments, 105 E. South Temple, SLC, ca. 1952]
5 24 Case #95036, Florence Blood vs. State Farm Mutual and #96233, Earl L. Madsen vs. State Farm Mutual, [Blood automobile and Madsen Automobile, 1951]
5 25 Case #95346, Henrietta Smith vs. Golden J. Bennett, [Western Co-op store and views of street and crosswalk on 2nd South between 8th West (900 West) and 9th West (1000 West), 1952]
5 26 Case #95408, In Re Habeas Corpus, Marion E. Bennett, [house and people, ca. 1952]
5 27 Case #95577, Max Cloward vs. Salt Lake & Tooele Stage Lines, Inc. and William Norman Kinder, [wrecked scooter, bus, and street views at approx. 112 E. 14th Ave., Garfield, Utah, ca. 1952]
5 28 Case #95653, Bertha Walker vs. Salt Lake City, [views of intersection at 9th South and 9th East, SLC, ca. 1953]
5 29 Case #95768, Lillian S. Shurtliff vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [train car and views of Burton railroad crossing on 21st South, ca. 1952]
5 30 Case #95775, Joe B. Garcia vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [railyards and depot at Green River, Wyoming, 1951]
5 31 Case #96766, Myrna B. Canterbury vs. Morgan W. Lewis, [woman in neck brace and views of intersection of 21st East (Foothill Dr.) and Sunnyside Ave., SLC, 1952 and ca. 1953]
5 32 Case #96877, Jacqueline Hardman vs. Donald Matthews, et al., [damaged truck and views of Sugar St. in Midvale, 1952-1954]
5 33 Case #96921, William W. Anderson vs. Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Co., [wrecked automobile, train at railroad crossing on U. S. Highway 89 near Salina, ca. 1953, and Rio Grande Engine no. 1222 at Pueblo, Colorado, 1954]
5 34 Case #97076, Kenneth H. Dent vs. Lee R. Faulkner, [views at intersection of Canyon Rd. and 3rd Ave., SLC, 1952-1954]
5 35 Case #97103, John C. Cutler Assn. vs. De Jay Stores Inc., [vacant store front at 36 S. Main St., SLC, ca. 1953]
5 36 Case #97208, P. E. Athas vs. Westchester Fire Insurance Co. of New York, [""Cumberland Hotel Fire"" -- store front at 301-311 E. 2nd South, SLC, and upstairs interior, 1952]
5 37 Case #97675, Mary Milligan vs. Howard Milligan, [house, 1938, family, 1942, and house at 1156 Stratford Ave., SLC, ca. 1953]
5 38 Case #97688, Maude L. Freeman vs. Willis B. Freeman, Jr., [elemetary school, LDS Ward meetinghouse, home and family scenes, ca. 1957]
5 39 Case #98174, Marjorie L. Jacques vs. Floretta M. Lange, [portrait of Marjorie Jacques, ca. 1952, and views of U. S. Highway 50, 1/4 mileeast of Arthur Mill, 1953]
5 40 Case #98196, Robert Peterson vs. Melba M. Tilt, et al., [views in front of Wonder Bread Bakery at approx. 734 E. 4th South, SLC, ca. 1953-1954]
5 41 Case #98330, Oregon Shortline Railroad Co. vs. Murray City, et al., [views along Oregon Shortline Railroad tracks between 53rd South and 64th South, Murray, 1953]
5 42 Case #98385, George Darwin Neve vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [damaged truck, views of railyards and depot at Bancroft, Idaho, and 8mm color film of same area with train passing through, ca. 1954]
6 1 Case #98629, Contracting Corporation vs. State Road Commission, [road and excavation on mountain side wherein Davis County, 1953]
6 2 Case #98649, Jhoun C. Shepherd vs. Bertha C. Walker, [real estate listing card for house at 18 ""N"" St., SLC, 1951]
6 3 Case #98650, B. L. Curtis vs. Hazen Exeter, [real estate listing card for house at 5420 Cottonwood Ln., 1952]
6 4 Case #98656, Takataro Shiba, et al. vs. John Weiss, et al., [wrecked cars and views of Highway 40 ""one mile north of Strawberry Reservoir"", 1954]
6 5 Case #98722, John L. Black vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co., [de-railed train near Red Desert, Wyoming, 1953]
6 6 Case #98901, Lorenzo V. Ervell, et al. vs. Lysle Tuckfield, et al., [empty -- list of exhibits includes maps and other documents, but no photos, ca. 1953]
6 7 Case #99085, Kenneth Kummer, et al. vs. New Quincey Mining Co., [rocks in Park Utah Consolidated Mining Co. mine, Park City, ca. 1954]
6 8 Case #99120, Irene M. Campbell vs. Gary M. Davis, [accident scene at intersection of 13th South and 7th East, SLC, 1954]
6 9 Case #99273, E. Farnes Berntsen vs. J. Vernon Sharp, [interior views of pharmacy and fire damage, ca. 1954(?)]
6 10 Case #99383, Doreen Hendrickson vs. Hal F. Hendrickson, [views of a man, baby, and television, 1954]
6 11 Case #99471, Orlando J. Johnson vs. Betty Price Haun, [views of intersection of 8th East and Ashton Ave., SLC, 1955]
6 12 Case #99662, Robert G. Polson vs. Gene A. Lewis, [automobile accident near 5435 S. State St.,Murray, 1953]
6 13 Case #99757, Edythe T. Nicholes vs. John H. Rumel and Blaine Lublin, [automobile accident (1952) and scene at intersection of Stratford Ave. and 13th East, SLC, ca. 1954]
6 14 Case #99808, George Trevier Harrison vs. J. Einar Asp, et ux, [real estate listing card for Snow Apartments at 146 N. 1st West (200 West), SLC, 1953]
6 15 Case #99821, Lottie W. Best vs. Marilynn Huber, et al., [woman, automobile, and views of 8th South and 11th East, SLC, 1952-1954]
6 16 Case #99950, Raymond A. Kelly vs. wendell Scott, et al., [real estate listing card for new house at 3043 E. 3215 South, 1953]
6 17 Case #100608, Boyd C. Sorensen vs. N. J. Nielsen, [views looking east at intersection of 39th South and State St., ca. 1954]
6 18 Case #101276, Romona Haywood vs. Leo George Eastman, [views of Lark and Harriman Road ""about 2.4 mi. west of Harriman and 2.4 mi. east of Lark"", 1955]
6 19 Case #101558, Earl W. Sadleir vs. Melvin G. Knapton, [family photos, ca. 1950-1955]
6 20 Case #103062, Mary G. Kelly vs. Douglas Lundeen and #103162, Myreta Judkins vs. Douglas Lundeen, [views near 4700 S. State St. Murray, ca. 1955]
6 21 Case #103356, Yoshitaro Okuda, et al. vs. Jerry A. Rose, [automobile and views at approx. 2200 S. Main St., SLC, 1953]
6 22 Case #103438, Frank Dallinga vs. Joyce Clayton, [views of 5th East At approx. 3545 South, ca. 1955]
6 23 Case #108326, LeRoy R. Clark, et al. vs. James T. Erekson, et al., [property off Vine St. near 5700 South, Murray, ca. 1957-1958]
6 24 Case #108747, Gary Patrick Kind vs. Norman M. Upwall, [house and street at 1263 E. Emerson Ave., SLC, 1957]
6 25 Case #109114, Merle Strickley vs. Utah Drug Co., [interior views of Utah Drug Co. store at 3256 S. State St., 1956]
6 26 Case #110151, Dale K. Black vs. George H. Taylor, [automobile accident and views of scene at approx. 650 E. 4th South, SLC, 1956]
6 27 Case #110234, Curtis H. Palmer vs. Tony Joe Mascaro and Sam F. DeLuca and case #110235, Herbert C. Burrows vs. Tony Joe Mascaro and Sam F. DeLuca, [views of intersection of 126th South and ?, ca. 1959]
6 28 Case #110498, Mark Patrick Miner vs. Erma Nielson, [views of 28th South near 8800 West, Magna, ca. 1957]
6 29 Case #112476, Sharon Moss vs. James Edward La June, [night views of automobile accident at 1010 E. 2nd South, 1957, and daytime views of scene, 1958]
6 30 Case #112985, Josephine Williams, et al. vs. Melvin T. Ogden, [intersection of Beck St. and Everet Ave.(1450 North), SLC, 1957]
6 31 Case #114755, Wasatch County vs. Provo River Water Users Association, et al., [photos of bridge, damaged bridge, and Provo River approx. 4 miles north of Heber City, ca. 1956-1959]
6 32 Case #114999, Gerad Nielsen vs. Reuel T. Call, et al., [wrecked automobile, 1957, and views looking west toward intersection of 33rd South and 2nd West (300 West), 1959]
6 33 Case #118142, Utah Power & Light Co. vs. Golden W. Robbins, [Golden W. Robbins property near 1540 West and 10400 South, South Jordan, ca. 1958]
6 34 Case #118172, Edith M. Lauglois vs. Norman T. Rees, [views of intersection of State St. and 1st Ave., SLC, and map showing camera positions for each view, 1959]
6 35 Case unidentified, [Grace-terminal transmission line south from Wheelon,Utah, Jan. 10, 1913 and collapsed tower, Nov. 27, 1913]
6 36 Case unidentified, [men boarding Utah Light & Traction streetcar]
6 37 Case unidentified, [torn, faded photos of a farm]
6 38 Cases unidentified, [Photocopies of miscellaneous newspaper clippings dated 1945-1946 and 1972. No indication of the court cases in which they were filed as exhibits.]
6 39 Case #14718, State of Utah vs. Paul Ivan Leeman, [interior of Owl Tavern, 266 W. South Temple, 1954]
6 40 Case #15017, State of Utah vs. Heber C. Smith, Jr., [houses at 764 S. Lake St., 1219 S. Windsor St., 1250 S. 10th East, and 1315 S. Edison St., 1955-1956, and map showing location of houses. Case file is sealed]
6 41 Case #15054, State of Utah vs. Robert Arthur McOmie, Jr., [children, ca 1956]
6 42 Case #15616, State of Utah vs. Larry Mattinson, [wrecked cars and scene of accident at 3100 South, 1957]
6 43 Case #15683, State of Utah vs. Donald Grant Shaw, [accident scene at 13th South and 4th West (500 West), SLC and wrecked cars, 1957]
6 44 Case #15767, State of Utah vs. Parley Dean Potter, [accident scene near 244 East 3rd South, SLC, 1957]
6 45 Case #15938 & 35238, State of Utah vs. William Roy Damron, [wrecked cars and alternate U.S. Highway 50, 1957-1958]
6 46 Case #16006, State of Utah vs. Keith Caldwell, [buildings at 1448 E. 33rd South, 4795 E. 4995 South, and 739 Paxton Ave., 1958]
6 47 Case #16176, State of Utah vs. George Kenneth Storrs, [accident scene (21st South?) and damaged automobile, 1958]
6 48 Case #16254, State of Utah vs. Rex Nilsson, [accident at about 2600? S. State St., ca. 1959]
6 49 Case # 6654, Estate of James A. Mahon, [James A. Mahon and John A. Mahon, ca. 1912]
6 50 Case #16064, Estate of Martha Powell, [partial photo of house with woman and child probably located at 819 W. North Temple, taken before 1911]

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