Series 24336
District Court (Third District) Judgment record books

Dates: 1870-1896.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

This series contains the judgment record and summarized case information of individual civil cases, including divorces, processed and filed in the various counties of the territorial Third District Court. A few of the last entries after statehood in 1896 pertain to the Third District Court in and for the county of Salt Lake. These records function as an abstracted reference source for all materials affecting the final judgment. A record typically includes the names of the parties, case number by the time the court started regularly assigning numbers to cases, stipulations and orders, findings of facts and conclusions of law, and a copy of the judgment or decree stating the results of the case including which party prevailed. Satisfaction of judgment may also be recorded. The judge, clerk, and filing date are noted as well.


The series is arranged roughly chronologically by filing date in alphabetically labeled volumes. There is some overlap in dates as the clerk often entered the parties before judgment was rendered or sometimes utilized a blank page at the end of the book to enter a forgotten earlier judgment. Retakes of poorly filmed pages appear spliced at the beginning of the appropriate reel. Judgment Book O was completed in a second volume labeled Judgment Book N.

Research Note

The Utah counties included in the Third District Court changed over the years. For a list of counties, the researcher should consult the Historical Jurisdiction Chart for the court available on the Archives website.

Related Records

Case files from the District Court (Third District), Series 9802, are the case files from which most of these judgments were recorded.

Judgment record books from the District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County), Series 11381, are equivalent judgment record books for the court in Salt Lake County after statehood.

Civil judgment dockets from the District Court (Third District), Series 24319, summarize the proceedings and final judgment of the action taken in these cases.

Judgment docket indexes from the District Court (Third District), Series 24337, index the Judgment Dockets, which in turn can be used to locate entries in these record books.

Judgment record book indexes from the District Court (Third District), Series 24809, index volumes I through R in this series.

Custody History

The Judgment Books were maintained for the court by the Salt Lake County Clerk (ex-officio district court clerk) with the bulk of the series transferred to the Utah State Archives January 24, 1968.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

Judgment records since 1982 have had a permanent retention. Microfilming was completed in July of 1993. It was decided to change the format of the judgment books to microfilm due to preservation problems with the original format (water damage, excessive dirt, brittle paper, and broken bindings) and the fact that the records themselves have no intrinsic value. Series processing was completed by A.C. Cone in January 2003.

Finding Aids

Indexes: Book K has an index at the beginning, otherwise Series 24809 is a direct plaintiff index to these record books, covering from 1891 thru 1895. Indexes: The dockets, series 24319, and their indexes, series 24337, serve as indirect indexes to these record books,.

Indexing Terms

  • Judgments—Utah.

Container List

1 1870, Mar 16-1873, Apr 28 (Book A)
1 1873, May 27-1874, Dec 14 (Book B)
1 1874, Dec 21-1876, Aug 12 (Book C, p. 1-538)
2 1876, Aug 15-1877, Mar 8 (Book C, p. 539-800)
2 1877, Mar 12-1880, Mar 12 (Book D)
2 1880, Mar 12-1881, Mar 22 (Book E, p. 1-198)
3 1881, Mar 29-1884, Feb 4 (Book E, p. 199-624)
3 1884, Feb 4-1888, Mar 21 (Book F)
3 1888, Mar 24-1889, Mar 12 (Book G, p. 1-220)
4 1889, Mar 12-1890, Apr 18 (Book G, p. 220-640)
4 [1890, Apr 21]-1891, Apr 15 (Book H)
4 1891, Apr 11-Jul 20 (Book I p. 1-250)
5 1891, Jul 20-Dec 7 (Book I p. 251-640)
5 1891, Dec 8-1892, Jul 27 (Book J)
5 1892, Jul 23-Oct 29 (Book K, index-p. 230)
6 1892, Nov 3-1893, Jan 25 (Book K, p. 231-592)
6 1893, Jan 12-[Jun 16] (Book L)
6 1893, Feb 18-Jun 30 (Book M p. 1-200)
7 1893, Jun 30-Oct 23 (Book M p. 201-638)
7 1893, Oct 24-1894, Feb 13 (Book N)
7 1894, Feb 10-Mar 24 (Book O p. 1-190)
8 1894, Mar 24-Jun 16 (Book O p. 191-640)
8 1894, Mar 24-Dec 8 (Book P)
8 1894, Dec 8-1895, Jan 26 (Book Q p. 1-180)
9 1894, Jan 26-1895, Apr 16 (Book Q p. 181-639)
9 1895, Mar 20-Dec 5 (Book R)
9 1895, Dec 5-1896, Dec. 17 (Book S)

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