Series 24331
Clifton Mining District (Utah). Recorder Location notices

Dates: 1869-1938.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

The Clifton Mining District, organized in October 1869 in the Deep Creek Mountains of western Tooele County, included the mining camps Clifton and Gold Hill. Travelers and prospectors found an abundance of mineral deposits in the Deep Creek Mountains, so when Patrick Connor constructed a mill and smelter in Stockton, 125 miles to the east, mining activity in this area soon followed. The Clifton District was organized before Congress passed a general mining law in 1872. The district was founded on the assumed rights of individuals to explore and claim mineral wealth in the public domain and the tradition of organizing mining districts to manage mining operations and keep records of claims. Congress validated these rights (Statutes at Large, Treaties, and Proclamations, of the United States of America, vol. 17, 1872, chap. 152). Location notices in the Clifton District affirm compliance with district regulations and/or federal law. They give the name of the claim, its dimensions and location, and the names of locators. In case several locators made a single claim, as was frequently the case in early records, notices identify how many feet were allowed to each individual. Notices of location provide the date of location and the date filed and were signed by the mining district or county recorder.

While these Clifton District books primarily contain notices of location, there are some additional records and notes of interest. In the early 1870s many location notices were filed for the Clifton Mining and Smelting Company, and statements about labor performed to hold the claim were recorded on the same page as the notice of location. The bulk of Book M (Feb 1871-Jan 1873) deals with claims forfeited for non-compliance with district laws and claims declared free from forfeiture because compliance had been met. A number of the claims recorded in Book E (Feb 1882-Jul 1883) were marked 'illegal' (see description of miners' meeting minutes and comment about George W. Brown controversy). A copy of the by-laws for the Clifton District appears at the beginning of Book O (county recorder's book), and the second half of the same book was used as a file book for the 1912 period.

Federal law required an annual assessment of labor in order to maintain claims. Generally, affidavits showing proof of labor were filed separately, but between 1903 and 1905 they were included in these books. Random deeds, agreements or other mining related documents appear throughout. In 1893-1894, 1917-1918 and 1933-1934 Congress temporarily suspended the annual labor requirement for maintaining mining claims. But, in order to take advantage of this benefit, miners were required to file notices of their intention to hold claims. While these notices were filed separately in 1893-1894, they are included among notices of location for 1917-1918 and 1933-1934. Books for these time periods also include many amended notices of location.


Roughly chronological

Location notices and other documents are generally chronological by date filed.

Research Note

Books of location notices for 1869-1897 microfilmed here are not the books originally recorded by the Clifton District recorder, but are transcripts of those books. The last transcribed book, Book K, also includes Book LL and Book B16. In this case the original Book K has been microfilmed in sequence and the transcript omitted when microfilming the remaining portion, Books LL and B16. Book T is labeled Book L, and Book V is labeled 'untitled.' Book B (1894, Jan-May) duplicates part of Proof of Labor Book B (series 24332).

Related Records

Mining records from Tooele County (Utah). County Recorder, Series 6150, contain duplicate and/or additional copies of location notices filed in the Clifton Mining District.

Miners meeting minutes from Clifton Mining District (Utah). Recorder, Series 24163, contain by-laws for the Clifton District as well as minutes summarizing business discussed at miners' meetings.

Proof of labor record books from Clifton Mining District (Utah). Recorder, Series 24332, contain records confirming work done to maintain claims in the Clifton District.

File books from Clifton Mining District (Utah). Recorder, Series 24333, provide a summary of and reference to claims recorded in the Clifton District up to 1897.

Intent to hold claim notices from Clifton Mining District (Utah). Recorder, Series 24334, are notices of intention to hold claims by taking advantage of Congress's resolution to provide exception to annual assessment work. Subsequently similar notices were included in location notice books.

Location notices indexes from Clifton Mining District (Utah). Recorder, Series 24464, provide reference to location notices filed in these books beginning in 1898.

Custody History

Clifton Mining District records were in the custody of the district recorder from 1869 to 1897, at which time they were transferred to the Tooele County recorder. The records were returned to the district in 1900 and remained there until 1938.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

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Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

Records for the Clifton Mining District were processed by Rosemary Cundiff in October 2002. Because of the poor quality of the microfilm, these records were refilmed in April 2003 and the inventory was updated.

Finding Aids

Indexes: Mining district recorders created separate indexes for many of the books in this series. Indexes were generally microfilmed at the beginning of each book. Beginning in 1898, indexes were created for multiple books. These indexes are series 24464. Other: Early books are also referenced by file books, series 24333.

Indexing Terms

  • Mining claims--Utah--Tooele County.
  • Mines and mineral resources--Property--Tooele County (Utah).
  • Utah--Tooele County--Mines and mineral resources.
  • Gold Hill--Utah.
  • Clifton--Utah.

Container List

1 1869, Jun-1871, Feb (index, Book L)
1 1871, Feb-1871, Oct (index, Book M)
1 1871, Oct-1875, May (index, Book C)
1 1875, Jun-1882, Apr (index, Book D)
1 1882, Feb-1883, Aug (index, Book E)
2 1883, Nov-1889, Mar (index, Book F)
2 1889, Mar-1891, Jan (index, Book G)
2 1891, Jan-1892, Aug (index, Book H)
2 1892, Mar-1894, Jan (index, Book I)
3 1894, Jan-1896, Jan (index, Book J)
3 1896, Apr-1897, May (index, Book K)
3 1898, Jan-1900, Jan (Book N)
3 1900, Jan (Book O; includes by laws and file entries 1909-1912)
3 1900, Jan-1901, Oct (Book L)
3 1901, Oct-Nov; 1916, Jan-Mar (Books LL and B16)
3 1902, Jan-1903, Jan (Book P)
4 1903, Jan-1904, Jan (Book Q)
4 1904, Jan-1906, Jan (Book R)
4 1906, Jan-Nov (Book S)
4 1906, Dec-1907, Mar (Book T, but labeled Book L)
4 1907, Feb-1908, Jan (Book U)
5 1908, Jan-1909, Feb (Book V, but untitled)
5 1909, Feb-1911, Jan (Book W)
5 1911, Jan-1912, Sep (Book X)
5 1912, Oct-1913, Dec (Book Y)
5 1914, Jan-1915, Jan (Book Z)
5 1915, Jan-1916, Jan (Book AA)
3 1901, Oct-Nov; 1916, Jan-Mar (Books LL and B16)
6 1916, Mar-Oct (Book C16)
6 1916, Oct-1917, Feb (Book D16)
6 1917, Feb-1918, Dec (Book E17)
6 1918, Dec-1921, Jul (Book E18)
6 1921, Jul-1923, Jul (Book F21)
7 1923, Jul-1926, Jul (Book G23)
7 1926, Jul-1929, Oct (Book G26)
7 1929, Oct-1931, Jul (Book H29)
7 1931, Jul-1934, Jan (Book I31)
7 1934, Jan-1938 Jul (Book J34)

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