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Paragonah (Utah) Town board minutes

Dates: 1916-

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

The Paragonah town clerk summarized the proceedings of the Paragonah town board meetings in minutes which were read and approved at each board meeting. The town board consists of a president (mayor) and four trustees, who are responsible to exercise the community's legislative and executive powers (see Utah Code Unannotated, 1991, 10-3-101, also Compiled Ordinances of Paragonah, 1916, chapters 7-8). The town board is responsible for all aspects of town government, such as appointing community officials, levying taxes, establishing a budget, maintaining public services and utilities, and regulating activity within the city. From 1916-1959 the minutes provide complete detail on every expenditure authorized by the board. The minutes discuss the appointment of city officers, problem issues, and progress on community development projects. In 1921 Paragonah constructed an electrical power plant on Paragonah Creek and installed 'artificial lighting' in the community. Thereafter, issues relating to municipal electricity dominated town board discussions for the rest of the century. Problems included maintaining poles, meters, transformers and other equipment; addressing chronic complains about poor service; responding to requests for reduced rates or extended service (annexation requests from residents outside city limits); and especially collecting delinquent electric utility bills. After 1960 Paragonah began purchasing supplementary power from other companies. In the late 1940s and again in the early 1970s the board discussed selling the Paragonah plant, but each time opted to keep and upgrade it. In 1968 the city installed a new culinary water system, and from that point water maintenance shared the table with electricity as a topic for town board discussion. The town board also addressed other issues such as controlling animals, maintaining streets, ditches and the cemetery, providing a trash service and fire protection. After 1980 the board discussed zoning regulations and the development of a master plan for Paragonah. The town board also sponsored holiday celebrations and parties.



Research Note

Copies of agenda and notices of public meetings for 1987 to 2001 are grouped at the beginning and end of reel 2.

Related Records

Municipal financial reports from the Office of the State Auditor, Series 19994, contain additional copies of annual financial reports for Paragonah as submitted to the state auditor. Up to 1959, detailed financial information was kept in the town board minutes.

Compiled ordinances from Paragonah (Utah), Series 23627, contain copies of the codified ordinances published by the town board, including those published in 1916 and 1989.

Annual Audits from Paragonah (Utah), Series 23628, summarize financial accounts for Paragonah beginning in 1961. The town board minutes contain financial information up to 1959.

Zoning ordinance from Paragonah (Utah), Series 23629, contains the complete zoning ordinance passed by the town board in 1984.

Resolutions from Paragonah (Utah), Series 23630, contain copies of resolutions passed by the town board.

Planning and zoning commission minutes from Paragonah (Utah), Series 23645, summarize the discussion of the planning and zoning committee, which is a subcommittee of the town board.

Ordinances from Paragonah (Utah), Series 23864, contain uncodified ordinances passed by the town board.

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This series is classified as Public.

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Processing Note

The Paragonah town board minutes were microfilmed at Southern Utah University under the direction of Utah State Archives in June 2001 and processed by Rosemary Cundiff in August 2001.

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  • Municipal government—Paragonah (Utah).
  • City planning—Paragonah (Utah).
  • Paragonah (Utah)—Politics and government.
  • Paragonah (Utah)—Officials and employees—Records and correspondence.
  • Paragonah (Utah)—Municipal budgets.

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1 1916 Aug-1985 Dec
2 1987-1997 Jun; agenda and notices of public meetings
2 1986 Feb-2001 Apr
2 1997 Jun-2001 May; agenda and notices of public meetings

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