Series 23399
San Juan County (Utah). County Recorder Deed records

Dates: 1891-1952.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

Deeds are official contracts transferring property ownership. According to Utah law, no transfer or sale of property is valid unless it is recorded by the county recorder. (Laws of Utah, 1852. "An Act Regulating Transfers of Possession of Land and Real Estate," p. 66-67, Utah State Archives, series 83155). Deeds include the names of buyer and seller, a legal description of the property, and specify the terms of transfer. They are signed by grantors (sellers) and witnesses. In addition to deeds transferring land ownership, San Juan County deed records include many mining deeds which transfer interest in or ownership of mining claims.

The majority of deeds in Books, C, D, I, and S (1891-1919) are mining deeds. Several corporations were highly involved in buying and selling San Juan County property during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of them were: the Blue Mountain Townsite and Mining Company, the Hoskaninni Company, the Pittsburg Cattle Company, the Golden Dream Mining and Milling Company, the Aztec Mining Company, the Recompense Placer Company, the Red Rock Placer Gold Mining Company, and the San Juan Oil Company.

San Juan County deed records include many homestead and desert land certificates documenting the transfer of title to individuals from the federal government. Townsite deeds document the transfer of town lots from federal to individual ownership and were administered by Seventh District Court. Quit claim and warranty deeds transfer ownership from one individual to another. San Juan County deed records also include sheriff's deeds, administrator's deeds, state land certificates, and a few miscellaneous documents such as leases and agreements. Early books also contain a few additional mining records, such as notices of location and affidavits showing proof of annual labor.


Chronological by date recorded.

Research Note

The San Juan County recorder recorded a few townsite deeds in a separate book which also contains a one page water commission record. These deeds, which comprise reel 2, are not continuous with other deed record books in this series.

Related Records

Grantor and grantee indexes from San Juan County (Utah). County Recorder, Series 14771, provide reference to the documents in this series by the names of parties involved.

Miscellaneous records from San Juan County (Utah). County Recorder, Series 23400, contain additional deeds.

Mining records index (locations) from San Juan County (Utah). County Recorder, Series 23583, provides reference to mining deeds and other mining records in this series by name of mining claim.

Mining records from San Juan County (Utah). County Recorder, Series 84250, contain additional deeds.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Gaps in Series

From 1908-1914 deeds were also recorded in Mining Record Books F, G, and J (series 84250). Book J, in particular, contains many deeds. Deeds recorded in the mining books fill a gap between the end of Book I and the beginning of Book S. Likewise, from 1916-1931 deeds were also recorded in Miscellaneous Record Books T, T 1, and T 2 (series 23400). The gap between the end of book G and the beginning of book H is filled by deeds recorded in Miscellaneous Book T 2.

Processing Note

San Juan County deed records were microfilmed by San Juan County in December 2000 and processed by Rosemary Cundiff in January 2002.

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Indexes: See related records,.

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Container List

1 Aug 1891-Sep 1900 (Deed Record C)
2 Dec 1904-Dec 1905
3 Sep 1900-Apr 1910 (Mining Deeds Book D)
4 Apr 1910-Nov 1913 (Mining Deeds Book I)
5 Dec 1913-Sep 1919 (Miscellaneous Record Book S)
6 Sep 1919-Mar 1926 (Deed Book G)
6 Oct 1929-Dec 1937 (Deed Book H)
7 Dec 1937-Oct 1942 (Deed Book I)
7 Oct 1942-May 1946 (Deed Book F)
8 May 1946-Jun 1949 (Deed Book F 1)
8 Jun 1949-Mar 1952 (Deed Book F 2)

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