State Agency Schedule 19
Intrinsically Historical



Artifacts (SG 19-1)

These artifacts are objects that have special historical significance because of their historic or evidentiary value and their association with the function and activity of a governmental entity. Governmental entities work with the Division of Archives to ensure that these historical objects are properly documented and preserved. (Utah Code 63A-12-103(10)(2016)


Permanent. May be transferred to the State Archives.

(Approved 12/2016)


Museum Catalog Records (SG 19-2)

These records document the planning, preservation, and contents of collections and exhibitions. Included are inventories, finding aids, loans and donations, and related information.


Permanent. May transfer to Archives.

(Approved 03/2017)


Scrapbooks (SG 19-3)

These records are created by governmental entities compiling various items together to tell the story of their office. They include photographs, newspaper clippings, and other items pertaining to government activities, and actions and reactions of citizens.


Permanent. Transfer to Archives.

(Approved 06/1991)


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