State Agency Schedule 14
Property Records



Real Property Sale Files (SG 14-3)

Records which document the transfer of state owned real estate to non-state ownership, whether by transfer, trade, sale, or donation.


Permanent. Retain by agency for 6 years after a deed of sale is recorded and then transfer to State Archives with authority to weed.

(Approved 07/1990)


Right of Way Records (SG 14-5)

These records document both the acquisition of property for the purpose of right of way projects and the sale of surplus property after project completion. Information may include a description of the property, property appraisal, offer to purchase, statement of compensation, copies of contracts, agent log, payment closing statements, maps and plat.


Permanent. May be transferred to the State Archives.

(Approved 06/2015)


Surplus Property Case Files (SG 14-4)

Records which document the sale, disposal, or surplus of personal property These files may comprise of invitations, bid acceptances, lists of materials, evidence of sales, and related correspondence.


Retain for 6 years and then destroy.

(Approved 07/1990)


Surplus Property Forms (SG 14-1)

Any completed forms required by the Division of Surplus Property to dispose of property an agency wishes to surplus.


Retain by Division of Surplus Property for 2 years after final disposition of property and then destroy.

(Approved 04/2006)

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