County General Schedule Acknowledgments

This county schedule is the first of its kind published by the State of Utah. It is not the product of one person, but the work of countless dedicated men and women throughout Utah. Comments were sought from all corners of the State. Every county in Utah received drafts of individual schedules. Numerous suggestions were received from small as well as large counties. Their assistance was critical in the development of this publication.

It is impossible to recognize everyone that played a role in the creation of this manual, but I will list those who played an essential part in its completion. I would like to first recognize the assistance of my colleagues at the State Archives in the reading and editing of drafts of this Schedule. They are: Kevin Bell, Terry Ellis, Tim Few, Sharon Hughes, John Hulmston, Elizabeth Perkes, and Larry Petersen. I would like to particularly recognize the continued support and assistance of the State Archivist, Jeffery O. Johnson.

Secondly, it is critical to note the contribution of various groups. I wish to thank the Utah Association of Counties, County Assessors, County Clerk-Auditors, County Recorders, County Sheriffs, County Surveyors, and County Treasurers Associations, and Local Health Officials.

Finally, I wish to thank the following dedicated current and former state and county records personnel: Nina Reid, former Utah County Recorder; Lynn Gardner, the late Washington County Treasurer; Norman Prichard, the late Carbon County Clerk-Auditor; Max Elliot, Davis County Surveyor; Karen Truman, former Emery County Auditor; Mary Day, Millard County Treasurer; Pam Hendrickson, Sevier County Assessor; Debra Ames, Rich County Recorder; Sgt. Larry Maxwell, Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office; Amy Owen, Utah State Librarian; Dorothy Alvey, Davis County Records Officer; Craig Barker, Weber County Planning Office; Joyce P. Smith, Davis County Director of the Council on Aging; Helen Goddard, State Division Aging and Adult Services Asst. Director; Barbara Anderson, Utah County Health Department; Craig Nichols, State Bureau of Epidemiology Director; Pat Johnson, State Department of Health; Glen Cox, Salt Lake County Parks; Dan Bower and Dan Davis, Salt Lake County Solid Waste, Carl Wadsworth, State Department of Environmental Health, and Tim Mayfield, Weber County Recreation.

Patricia Lyn Scott
Local Government Records Archivist
Utah State Archives
February 1996

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