Digital to Microfilm Transfer

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Record Series Information
Date or File Range:
Roll Information
Film Size:

Complete Digital to Microfilm Instructions

Each time a file is ready for submission you will submit this form to notify the Archives.


  1. Name and contact information for the person submitting the images (not necessarily the records officer).
  2. The record series information including series title and number and most importantly the date or file range that is included in the submission.
  3. The scanner number and roll number. A unique scanner number has been or will be assigned to each agency for all scanners that agency uses.
  4. Indicate the film size at which you want the images to be developed.
  5. Indication about whether or not you want the microfilm to include blipping and or labeling.
The image numbers or file names of the scanned images will be captured on the microfilm. In the case of official records each recorded instrument can be named with the entry number.  Multi-page documents can be saved as a multi-page TIFF image.  On the microfilm all of the images within a single document will then carry the same identifying number (the entry number).  Microfilm targets can be saved as TIFF images bearing the numbers 00000 through 00009 for the beginning targets and the numbers 99991 through 99999 for end targets.  Labeling like this will ensure proper placement of the targets on the roll.
Recording marks at the bottom of each frame to identify the first image in multi-page documents. Actually, there are three levels of blips.  A large blip will mark the beginning of a new folder.  A medium blip will mark the beginning of a document, and small blips will mark each succeeding page in the document. 

For official records, labeling will be important for document retrieval, but blipping will be less important.  Blipping may be convenient for case files.    

After notifying the Archives you will transfer the file by saving it in the appropriate folder in the default directory for your agency on the state SFTP server. 

Page Last Updated February 23, 2017 .