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Uintah (Utah)
Uintah Animal Control and Shelter Special Service District (Utah)
Uintah Basin Applied Technology College (Utah)
Uintah Basin Association of Governments (Utah)
Uintah County (Utah)
Uintah County (Utah). County Assessor
Uintah County (Utah). County Auditor
Uintah County (Utah). County Clerk
Uintah County (Utah). County Commission
Uintah County (Utah). County Recorder
Uintah County (Utah). County Sheriff
Uintah County (Utah). County Surveyor
Uintah County (Utah). County Treasurer
Uintah County Cemeteries Department (Utah)
Uintah County Conservation District (Utah)
Uintah County School District (Utah)
Uintah Fire Suppression Special Service District (Utah)
Uintah Health Care Special Service District (Utah)
Uintah Highlands Water and Sewer Improvement District (Utah)
Uintah Impact Mitigation Special Service District (Utah)
Uintah Mosquito Abatement District (Utah)
Uintah Recreation District (Utah)
Uintah River High School (Utah)
Uintah Transportation Special Service District (Utah)
Uintah Water Conservancy District (Utah)


Unified Fire Authority (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Unified Fire Service Area (Utah)
Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake
United States. Bureau of Land Management
United States. Department of Justice
United States. Department of the Interior
United States. Internal Revenue Service
University of Utah
University of Utah. Center for Mining Safety and Health Excellence
University of Utah. Department of Campus Police
University of Utah. Medical Center
University of Utah. Medical Center. Family and Preventive Medicine


Upper Sevier Conservation District (Utah)
Upper Sevier River Water Conservation District
Upper Sevier Water Conservancy. Board of Directors


Utah Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Affairs
Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (Utah)
Utah Association of Conservation Districts
Utah Athletic Foundation Board Of Directors
Utah Career Path High
Utah College of Applied Technology
Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission
Utah Communications Agency Network Executive Committee
Utah Communications Authority
Utah Communications Authority. 911 Division
Utah Communications Authority. 911 Division. Advisory Committee
Utah Connections Academy
Utah Counties Indemnity Pool
Utah County (Utah)
Utah County (Utah). City/County Health Department
Utah County (Utah). County Assessor
Utah County (Utah). County Auditor
Utah County (Utah). County Clerk
Utah County (Utah). County Commission
Utah County (Utah). County Recorder
Utah County (Utah). County Sheriff
Utah County (Utah). County Surveyor
Utah County (Utah). County Treasurer
Utah County (Utah). Department of Public Works
Utah County (Utah). Housing Authority
Utah County (Utah). Jail
Utah County (Utah). Mapping Division
Utah County (Utah). Planning Commission
Utah County (Utah). Water Commission
Utah County Academy of Sciences
Utah County Service Area #6 (Utah)
Utah County Service Area #7 (Utah)
Utah County Service Area #8 (Utah)
Utah County Service Area #9 (Utah)
Utah County Solid Waste Special Service District (Utah)
Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. Pesticide Committee
Utah Department of Public Safety. Fire Marshal. Utah Fire Prevention Board
Utah Education and Telehealth Network
Utah Education Network
Utah Grazing Improvement Program
Utah Housing Corporation
Utah Housing Corporation. Board of Trustees
Utah Humanities Council
Utah Infrastructure Agency (Utah)
Utah Interlocal Entity for Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Facilities
Utah International Charter School
Utah Lake Commission
Utah League of Cities and Towns
Utah Local Governments Trust
Utah Medical Education Council
Utah Military Academy
Utah Municipal Finance Agency (Utah)
Utah Nursing Assistant Registry
Utah Office for Victims of Crime
Utah Performing Arts Center Agency
Utah School District Finance Cooperative
Utah Science Center Authority
Utah Science, Technology, and Research Authority
Utah Search and Rescue Task Force 1
Utah Seismic Safety Commission
Utah Sports Commission
Utah State Employee's Charitable Fund
Utah State Fair Corporation Board of Directors
Utah State Railroad Museum Authority
Utah State Retirement Office
Utah State Tax Commission
Utah State Tax Commission. Accounting Section
Utah State Tax Commission. Administration Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Auditing Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Division of Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Utah State Tax Commission. Division of Motor Vehicles
Utah State Tax Commission. Economic & Statistical Unit
Utah State Tax Commission. Motor Vehicle Business Advisory Board
Utah State Tax Commission. Multistate Tax Commission
Utah State Tax Commission. Processing Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Property Tax Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Streamined Sales and Use Tax Delegates
Utah State Tax Commission. Taxpayer Services Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Technology Management
Utah State University
Utah State University Eastern
Utah State University. Agriculture Extension Service
Utah State University. Division of Extension Service. Davis County Agent
Utah State University. Division of Extension Service. Tooele County
Utah System of Higher Education
Utah Transit Authority
Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District (Utah County)
Utah Valley University
Utah Virtual Academy
Utah Water Finance Agency


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