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La Sal Recreation Special Service District (Utah)
La Verkin (Utah)
La Verkin (Utah). La Verkin Police Department


Labor Commission
Labor Commission. Adjudication Division
Labor Commission. Appeals Board
Labor Commission. Coal Miner Certification Panel
Labor Commission. Division of Boiler, Elevator, and Coal Mine Safety
Labor Commission. Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Compliance Review
Labor Commission. Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Education and Consultation
Labor Commission. Industrial Accident Division
Labor Commission. Labor and Anti-discrimination Division
Labor Commission. Labor Relations Board
Labor Commission. Occupational Safety and Health Division
Labor Commission. Utah Office of Coal Mine Safety
Labor Commission. Workers Compensation Advisory Council
Labor Commission. Workplace Safety and Health Consultant


Lake Point Cemetery and Park Service Area (Utah)
Lake Point Improvement District (Utah)
Lake Shore and Benjamin Drainage District (Utah)
Laketown (Utah)
Laketown Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)
Laketown Fire District (Utah)
Lakeview Academy (Utah)


Layton (Utah)
Layton (Utah). Department of Finance
Layton (Utah). Police Department


Leadership Academy of Utah
Leadership Learning Academy
Leamington (Utah)
Leeds (Utah)
Leeds Area Special Service District (Utah)
Legacy Preparatory Academy (Utah)


Legislature. House of Representatives
Legislature. Office of Legislative Printing
Legislature. Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel
Legislature. Office of the Legislative Auditor General
Legislature. Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst
Legislature. Senate
Legislature. State Water Development Commission
Legislature. Utah International Relations and Trade Commision
Legislature. Utah Tax Review Commission


Lehi (Utah)
Lehi (Utah). Police Department
Lehi City (Utah). Library
Lehi Metropolitan Water District (Utah)
Levan (Utah)
Lewiston (Utah)


Liberty Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)
Library of Congress
Lieutenant Governor
Lieutenant Governor. Commission on Civic and Character Education
Lieutenant Governor. State Board of Canvassers
Lincoln Academy (Utah)
Lindon (Utah)
Lindon (Utah). Police Department
Lindon Metropolitan Water District (Utah)
Little Cottonwood Gas Improvement District (Utah)
Little Cottonwood Improvement District (Utah)
Little Mountain Service Area (Utah)


Loa (Utah)
Logan (Utah)
Logan (Utah). Administrative Services and Economic Development
Logan (Utah). Administrative Services. Human Resources
Logan (Utah). Administrative Services. Information Systems
Logan (Utah). Administrative Services. Safety
Logan (Utah). Administrative Services. Transit
Logan (Utah). City Attorney
Logan (Utah). City Commission
Logan (Utah). City Council
Logan (Utah). Community Development
Logan (Utah). Finance
Logan (Utah). Fire Department
Logan (Utah). Light and Power
Logan (Utah). Mayor
Logan (Utah). Municipal Court
Logan (Utah). Parks and Recreation
Logan (Utah). Police Department
Logan (Utah). Public Library
Logan (Utah). Public Works, Permits, and Compliance
Logan (Utah). Public Works. Automotive Maintenance
Logan (Utah). Public Works. Engineering
Logan (Utah). Public Works. Environmental Health
Logan (Utah). Public Works. Streets
Logan (Utah). Public Works. Water and Waste Water
Logan (Utah). Recorder
Logan School District (Utah)
Lone Peak Public Safety District (Utah)
Long Valley Sewer Improvement District (Utah)


Lumen Scholar Institute in Eagle Mountain (Utah)
Lyman (Utah)
Lynndyl (Utah)


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