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Hanksville (Utah)
Hanksville Special Service District (Utah)
Hanna Water and Sewer District (Utah)
Hansel Valley Watershed District (Utah)
Harrisville (Utah)
Harrisville (Utah). Police Department
Hatch (Utah)
Hatch Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)
Hawthorn Academy (Utah)


Heber City (Utah)
Heber City (Utah). Building Department
Heber City (Utah). Police Department
Heber Light and Power Company (Utah)
Heber Valley Railroad Authority
Heber Valley Special Service District (Utah)
Helper (Utah)
Helper (Utah). Cemetery Superintendent
Helper (Utah). Police Department
Henefer (Utah)
Henrieville (Utah)
Henrieville Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)
Herriman (Utah)


Hideout (Utah)
Hideout Local District (Utah)
Highland (Utah)
Highland Conservation District (Utah)
Highland Estates Special Service District (Utah)
HighMark Charter School (Utah)
Hildale (Utah)
Hinckley (Utah)
Hinckley-Deseret Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)


Holden (Utah)
Holladay (Utah)
Honeyville (Utah)
Hooper (Utah)
Hooper Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)
Hooper Park Service Area (Utah)
Hooper Water Improvement District (Utah)
Housing Authority of Salt Lake City (Utah)
Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah
Howell (Utah)
Hoytsville Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)


Huntington (Utah)
Huntsville (Utah)
Huntsville Hollow Sewer Improvement District (Utah)
Hurricane (Utah)
Hurricane (Utah). Police Department
Hurricane Valley Fire District (Utah)
Hyde Park (Utah)
Hyde Park Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)
Hyrum (Utah)


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