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3.1. Find the general retention schedules and your agency's series-specific retention schedules

Retention schedules mandate the amount of time that records must be maintained, and authorize destruction or transfer of the records once the mandated time period has ended. Electronic records use the same retention schedules as any other format of the records. Retention schedules are based on the information contained in the records, not the media format of the records.

General retention schedules identify and apply to records that are common to a particular function or type of agency in order to promote consistent retention practices. General schedules are already approved by the State Records Committee for use and you can access them via the Archives’ website, at (shown below).

retention schedules link

Select the appropriate category of general schedule for your agency type and open the schedules either in HTML or PDF format.

GRS page

The general retention schedules are organized into categories such as human resource, financial, administrative, and purchasing records. For instance, if you wanted to know how long to keep meeting minutes, you would look at the general schedules for administrative records.

GRS list

Within the category of administrative records, there is a general retention schedule for open meeting minutes and public materials.

GRS Open Meeting Minutes

Open meetings have two general retention schedules: one for meeting minutes and one for meeting recordings.

GRS Open Detail


It is important to read the schedule description and verify that it accurately describes the records that you are scheduling. This will be further discussed as part of Step 2.

An agency may have a record series that is not depicted on any general schedule, or that needs to be kept for a longer or shorter period of time than that which is on the general schedule. In that case, an agency’s records officer can obtain approval for a unique retention schedule for that record series, referred to as a series-specific retention schedule. These can be found on the Archives’ website at You can find a particular schedule by inputting the series number, or you can find a list of your agency’s scheduled records by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Browse for your agency.
Browse Agencies


  1. Select the correct agency from the browse results.
    Browse Results

You can view your agency’s series-specific retention schedules individually by using the links, or generate a retention and classification report (in PDF format) of all scheduled series.

Series Specific Schedules