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State parks in the southwest are known for their sand dunes, golf courses, and year round boating and swimming.  Encouraging citizens and visitors to try something new, these 3 current or previous state parks offer a wide variety of recreation.
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State ParkCoral Pink Sand Dunes State Park - 1963
    Opened in 1963, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park (Kane County) is a go-to recreation spot for off-road recreational riders.  This artistic brochure highlights the available recreational activities and the history and features of the region.
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  • Minersville State ParkMinersville State Park
    Minersville State Park, now operated by Beaver County, is known for its boating, camping, and fishing.  This original brochure summarizes the history of Minersville State Park. The publication lists special features of the park and things to do in the area. [1]
  • Yuba State ParkYuba State Park - 1964
    Opened in 1964, Yuba State Park, located in Juab and Sanpete Counties, is known as a camping and boating destination.  This Yuba Lake brochure provides information on the history of the area, the facilities available, and a detailed map of the park with instructions about access.
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