Scenic Parks - Northern

State parks in the north offer diverse and colorful scenes meant to be explored.  These 5 current or previous state parks are located near or in major cities and offer citizens and visitors an escape from the everyday. 

  • Deer Creek State ParkDeer Creek State Park -1971
    Deer Creek State Park (Wasatch County) opened in 1971 as a scenic park with views of Mount Timpanogos. Here, in an article in the Provo Daily Herald, a woman enjoys windsurfing on Deer Creek Reservoir in 1986. Windsurfing, along with boating and swimming, is very popular at the park.
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  • East Canyon State ParkEast Canyon State Park - 1962
    Opened in 1962, East Canyon State Park (Morgan County) is a scenic park known for its boating, camping, and fishing.  This gem of a park has a lot to offer, as this author stated in 1994, “for hundreds of Wasatch Front residents who work hard all week, it provides simple pleasures.” This Salt Lake Tribune newspaper article details a Labor Day weekend at the park.
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  • Historic Union Pacific Rail TrailHistoric Union Pacific Rail Trail - 1992
    The Union Pacific Rail Trail (Wasatch County) was opened in 1992 to create a scenic trail way from Park City to Echo Canyon.  The trails are long and winding, and the park provides maps, such as the one shown here, to guide visitors as they explore.
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  • Hyrum State ParkHyrum State Park - 1959
    Hyrum State Park (Cache County) opened in 1959 and is a scenic park known for fishing and birdwatching. This 1992 Deseret News article highlighted the park as its “State Park of the Week,” calling the park the “perfect place to get away for a little ‘quiet time.’”
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  • Wasatch Mountain State ParkWasatch Mountain State Park - 1961
    Officially opened in 1961, Wasatch Mountain State Park (Wasatch County) is a diverse scenic and recreation spot.   As seen in this brochure, the park offers popular activities such as cross-country skiing and snowmobiling making it a great spot for winter recreation.
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