Citation: The Utah Semi-Centennial Commission, The Book of the Pioneers Volume 1-2. Utah State Archives and Records Service, Series 14107.


Each book includes a variety of images of people and places and descriptions of events. While the intent of the record was not to provide a history of the Jubilee, a significant portion of each volume is dedicated to “a brief description of the prominent phases of the great festival, with passing mention of its projectors and promoters and others who helped make the event notable.”

The volumes include images of Brigham Young, Wilford Woodruff, the Pioneer Monument, and the Pioneer Badge. They also include the winning entries from some of the writing competitions, such as the Pioneer Poem and the Pioneer Ode. The previously mentioned Hall of Relics can be seen here with its columns and replicated statue.

One of the key features of Volume 1 is the photograph of surviving pioneers. 727 surviving pioneers were able to make the trip to Salt Lake City for the Jubilee; more than 250 of them gathered at Temple Square to have this picture taken.The International Society Daughters of the Utah Pioneers are still working to identify all of the individuals in the photograph. Do you recognize any of these faces?

It is significant to note that, out of the 148 members of Brigham Young’s original company, 28 were still alive at the time of the Jubilee, and 26 of those individuals attended the celebrations.


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