Board Members

The Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board is an eight member board appointed by the Governor. The following members currently serve on the board:

Patricia Smith-Mansfield
Director, Utah State Archives
State Coordinator

Noel Carmack
Utah State University Price Campus
Term Expires: May 2019

Tracy Hansen
Ogden City Recorder
Term Expires: May 2019

Karla Johnson
Kane County Clerk/Auditor
Term Expires: May 2019

Brandon Metcalf
LDS Church History Department
Term Expires: May 2017

Paula Mitchell
Southern Utah University Sherratt Library
Term Expires: May 2017

Clint Pumphrey
Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library
Term Expires: May 2017

Sam Passey
Administrator, Emery County Archives
Term Expires: May 2017

For additional information regarding terms please see the Governor's Executive Boards webpage.

National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)
The Board is the central advisory body for historical records coordination within the state and for NHPRC state and local records projects within the state. The Board engages in planning; it develops, revises, and submits to the Commission a state plan including priorities for state historical records projects following The Manual of Suggested Practices. The Board reviews all state and local records projects within the state and makes recommendations for state projects to the Commission.Federal 36CFR 1206.41

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